Balancing Substance with Attention: Creating Content That Attracts & Appeals

Beyond PR

I’ve long thought that the discipline of search engine optimization (namely, the art and science of getting your web site positioned high in search engine results for specific keywords) offers great lessons for PR and content marketers.   A blog post on SEOMoz today titled “What Kind of Content Gets Links in 2012?” offers an unusually rich trove of data and ideas for communicators to consider, and it got me thinking about different the different types of visibility our content generates.

Some readers skim quickly over content, others spend a lot more time on the page.   Some readers will share links to the content you publish, others will click through the links you serve.  With some readers, the opportunity to connect is fleeting.  Others may make a greater commitment to your content, such as bookmarking it for future reference, or linking to it from their blog.

The Linkers &…

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