10 Great Uses For Twitter

Let's Get Social Media for Business

Why Twitter?

Twitter has many great uses.

So we can understand Twitter better I thought it best to bring in an expert, Daniel Nations

“What is Twitter?” is the most popular question I get about Twitter, and “Why Twitter?” is definitely the most popular follow-up question. There are many great uses for Twitter, but even once you understand that Twitter has grown beyond a micro-blogging service to become a social messaging platform, it can still leave you wondering why you might want to use it.

We have cell phones and text messaging and social networking and blogging. So why Twitter?

There are many great business uses for Twitter, like sending out news briefs or advertising the latest job opening, but believe it or not, there are even more personal uses for Twitter.

Here are a few popular ways to use Twitter:

1. Microblogging

This one is obvious, but in the rush to put Twitter to…

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