I am sad…I am angry.  Not for myself but for all the innocent victims that have suffered from bullying, depression, and ridicule.  I had my morning coffee while reading some news articles this morning.  Normally I do not like to read, listen, or watch the news.  Because for the majority, the stories are sad and negative.  They either contain crime, death, poverty, fire, loss, theft, etc.  Stories that bring us all down.  There was one story that really got to me…probably because I worked with children/teens in these scenarios before and probably because I know how it feels to be alone, desperate, sad, and angry.  This is a story about a teen who was on the receiving end of bullying and could not escape from it.  But ultimately, she did find a way.  This is a video she posted a month prior to committing suicide.  God bless her soul.

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