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Last week, KitchenAid had a twitter catastrophe. On Friday, StubHub had a moment of their own. In both cases someone sent out a personal tweet under the company account.

Now, this is very easy to do. I tweet for myself, Sisters in Crime New England, and StageSource. I use Hootsuite to maintain some semblance of control over my Twitter universe. But once in a while, I will tweet something as StageSource that should have been from SinCNE, or vice versa. But, while a tweet about Tace Baker’s new book coming from StageSource doesn’t make sense, it isn’t destructive to our brand per se. Because I save the snark for real life.

I talk to my students about this all the time, but now is a good moment to have this conversation again. Never, ever write something you wouldn’t say over a loud speaker. In a packed football…

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