New Media Nook

  1. Get connected. Sounds a bit “duh,” right? But if you don’t actually connect to Klout, Klout won’t know what to measure you on.
  2. Connect ALL your sites. Klout doesn’t just measure Twitter. Klout looks at your total social influence. Facebook. YouTube. LinkedIn. Instagram. It all matters.
  3. Create content worth sharing. Klout measures your influence. So if others are not sharing your posts, obviously you are not influential! Just some thoughts:
    1. News stories
    2. Photos
    3. Infographics
    4. Share tips
  4. Write with compelling headlines. People won’t even want to read what you write if the headline doesn’t grab them! This may seem counter-intuitive, but start with the conclusion.
  5. Engage in conversation (preferably with others with high Klout). If you converse with people who have high Klout, that increases your Klout. Don’t  just blah blah blah it; make it matter!
  6. Start discussions amongst your followers. This creates a need for others to be engaged and…

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