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It’s everywhere and as consumers not only do we use it, we are susceptible it too.

Now when considering persuasive communication, the professionals think of the biggest factors in implement into the message so that we receive it, and then buy into it. A number of factors are involved, and here are some more in depth:

Audience Analysis

It is essential as the basis for persuasive communication to take a look at the audience characteristics such as beliefs, attitudes, values, concerns, and lifestyles. Knowing those things helps the communicators tailor the message to lead into a cause of action. Tools that help them distinguish this are: demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, education, etc.) and psychographics (lifestyle, values, attitudes, etc.).

Appeals to Self-Interest

People become involved in issues or pay attention to messages that appeal to their psychological, economic, or situational needs. Psychologist Abraham Maslow and his theory about the…

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