Shine Like a Super Star with these few tips

Hi there lovely’s!

I just wanted to share with you all some really useful tips I have found that have helped to keep me motivated and inspired with what I do. It’s really easy sometimes to feel lost amongst the hundreds of other amazing bloggers and social media “super stars” and feel like you are not being heard. Blogging gives you a voice, but how you use it, what you say and do will determine just how successful you will be.  Your posts don’t always have to be long..just as long as you get you opinion out and say what you want with out waffling on..the last thing a lot of us have time for is to read pages and pages of things, when there is so much other interesting stories to be read. Remember that people’s attention span can be very limited so keep your posts as brief as you can.  So before I waffle on any further, let’s get on with the tips 🙂

  1. Believe in You! – visualize doing what you love and the rewards that will come with it. Really, truly believe and see yourself achieving your goals. – Whether it’s to become a Social Media Super Star, improve in your blogging; what ever – truly believing you can do what ever it is you set out to achieve will not only help you to become successful, but will be the vision or the dream that will help keep you motivated and inspired.
  2. Learn from the experts – Do your research and read up on tips from the experts, remember – they all were once in your position, too!
  3. Consistency is key – keep your posts consistent and regular. Make a point of posting on a regular basis and get yourself a calendar to remind yourself of when to post. This will help to bring in new readers and keep the regulars updated and inspired with what you do.
  4. Find out what’s hot – Do your research and find out what the hot topics are and run with it. – It’s a great way of helping you know what to write about, if you’re stuck with ideas.
  5. Proof read your posts before posting! – I can’t stress this enough…after you have written your post, walk away from it for 5 mins or so, then come back and re-read the post, spell check it if needed, and ask yourself – Does this sound ok? and when and only when you’re 100% happy with how it sounds and is written, then go ahead and publish it.
  6. Be colourful – keep your posts interesting with photos and colours. Try not to stick to the one colour, it just looks drab.
  7. Inspire me! – Post a quote or your favourite phrase.. nor only does it add content to your post but it looks great too!
  8. Make me laugh! – Jokes are always great.
  9. Keep it positive – refrain from writing negative thoughts, and keep your posts bright and happy.
  10. Be a friend to your readers – take the time to thank your readers and followers  – they will appreciate it.
  11. Connect with as many people as you can – join up on as many social networks as you can, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are all great, and get posting! The more you get your name out there the better!
  12. Love what you do! – Have fun, and enjoy what you do! 🙂

So there’s a few tricks and tips, that I have found have helped me, and I hope they help you too!




I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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