Understanding Photography Better with this Useful Cheat Sheat

If you’re new to digital photography, or know a a bit about it but just quite can’t understand the ‘lingo’ – that is, understanding shutter speeds, F Stops, apertures..etc..you’re not alone!  It really is a bit like learning a whole new language and can get quite confusing.

I have a huge passion for digital photography myself, and I continue to be blown away with some of the incredible images that I see, and it never ceases to amaze me with the incredible effects and enhancements made to make that perfect photo. Technology and photography go almost hand in hand these days, by creating that perfect shot – but how do they do it?

Here’s a cool and very useful cheat sheet/infographic that will help you understand a bit clearer what exposure and shutter settings to use..feel free to print it out and keep it with you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Understanding Photography Better with this Useful Cheat Sheat

  1. Haha, that’s cool and funny. I have to think of my uncle, who is always carrying tons of bags of lenses, objectives etc. I think good photos are more influenced by the setting, not by the camera itself (if it is not a cell phone cam and has at least some mediocre quality)

    • So true, time of day and lighting I think play a good part of taking great photos, & then there is the rule of thirds to remember to getting it all framed well..arrrgghh there really is so much to remember! 🙂

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