[New Post] Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho..It’s Back To Work You Go…

the-seven-dwarfs“Aghhh…that dreaded first day back at the office…”

Yep, all good things must come to an end…and unfortunately all holidays end and we all need to get back to work at some stage or another, – the work simply isn’t going to get done by its self!

How can we make our first day back a little more easier?

  • Take it easy  – yes there may well be a lot of catching up to do, but be easy on yourself, and don’t panic over it!
  • Keep positive – Count your blessings and be thankful for the break. Think of your first day back as a fresh new start, and don’t think of work as a burden. Wear brighter colours, change your screen saver and add or change any photos you might have on your desk.
  • Let your creative juices flow! – When you are relaxed and in a comfortable frame of mind – after a well deserved and rewarding break, your creative juices will flow really well, and you will be alert and focused with your job.
  • Remember, the ‘blues’ are only temporary – Remember,  it will only take you a few days to get back into the swing of things – be easy on yourself, the first week back, go to a movie, have a massage, or plan your next holiday, just do what ever makes you happy.
  • Enjoy a hobby – Whether it’s traveling around to find a new great spot for photography, finding a new park or place to walk the dog, or what ever it may be that suites your fancy..just enjoy the time you can spare to spend simply just doing what you love.
  • Don’t make any silly drastic decisions! – Yes the first week back may be a little rough, but keep a cool, positive attitude and don’t just throw the towel in because it all seems too overwhelming, – you will get through it! If you’re unhappy going back to work, think about whether it’s just simply because you have just had such a great holiday, or if it really is your work making you unhappy.
  • Put your health first – Getting back to work and to healthy patterns can be challenging, start your first week back with healthy breakfasts, drink plenty of water, and avoid too much tea and coffee. Be kind to your body and try to fit in some exercise whenever you can, exercise will help rejuvenate your mind and body as well as helping you fall back into a healthy sleep pattern at night.

Over to YOU, What do you think…..did you find this useful? Please feel free to comment  x


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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