Quick new blog post: Respect – Just How Powerful Is It?


There’s so many ways these days to promote your business or product across multiple social media platforms, and so many others out there, just like you doing just the same that I think  it is so very important for your business’s sake that you don’t fall into the trap of making your advertising and time spent on social media just all about you and your product or business. Yes, it’s great to praise your product and tell the world just how great it is, but by only promoting yourself and not others is almost a definite way to fail your business online, and not gaining any trust or respect from your followers, or potential customers. We all want to be heard, and we all (well, most of us)  want to be just as popular as the ‘big guns’  – the ones that have made it to the top in social media, have a huge following, are inspiring and teaching others to do just the same.

I really think the word, respect is a powerful word…and it’s the thing that can either make or break you with your online endeavors.

What do you  think?  🙂


2 thoughts on “Quick new blog post: Respect – Just How Powerful Is It?

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