This post has some really useful tips and advice for all you newbies (like me) – it’s a great site to bookmark for future reference 🙂

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There are a several kinds of people in social media. There are the people that enjoy a nice, quiet existence with their family and close friends. There are the bots. There are the people that have a massive following on one network, but you really don’t see them anywhere else. And then there are the people that no matter where you find them, they have (or are currently building) a massive audience. The latter are social media rock stars. Just like any other rock star or celebrity, once they announce they have a profile on XYZ network, their audience come running to join them there.

Chances are, if you are promoting a blog, building a business, or simply want to share your thoughts with the masses, you want to be a social media rock star. And not just any rock star, but one with an audience who really cares about…

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