Is There a Right Time to Post in Social Media?

time flying awayWell, I kind of think the right time to post in social media is debatable, (forgive me if you think I’m wrong) because with the power of the internet and technology (i.e. smart phones and portable tablets)  it makes it easy to post when ever and where ever you like. Mind you, I have found that there is heap of articles and posts out there that say otherwise. For me though, I have found with anything I do or post in social media, has to be consistent, so I have found myself spending countless hours throughout the day, writing blog posts and connecting with people..but its just how I roll, and I love it!

So, in case you’re not sure when to post, or you’re wondering why you don’t seem to be getting any feedback on your posts, this info-graphic may help…


What do YOU think, What are your thoughts on the right time to post, Do you have a preferred time to post?

2 thoughts on “Is There a Right Time to Post in Social Media?

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