A few reasons to blog even if it doesn’t ever get read…


Building an engaging community through social networking can be tedious, and time consuming, yet it is a must-do practice for your business to grow through social  media. But without the added input of regular blog posts, you may limit the traffic flow to your website.

Yes, blogging may also be a little time consuming,  but it comes with many benefits. – 

Get seen in search engines – Search engines love fresh content, and give preferences to sites that have relevant, fresh content. A research by Hubspot shows that sites with blogs gain 55% more traffic than sites without blogs – that’s even with no one reading your blog!

Standing out of the crowd – Marketing differentiation and getting your business noticed online can be a difficult chore that your business may face. Take a look around on the internet, – do your competitors blog? If not, this just might be your opportunity to establish the voice of your business and grow your brand image with your customers.

You’ll always be found – The more articles you write for your business, the better! You may  find that a post you wrote perhaps a year ago, may be read and noticed by customers, sending them to your business website.  – Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m new to the business blogging game, but I believe with persistence and a bit of hard work and taking the time to show you care with your blog, in time your hard work will pay off. I also believe blogging and social marketing is a constant learning experience, and to keep up with what’s fresh and new in blogging and social marketing, you must be prepared to educate yourself, and always updating your skills and knowledge from the ‘experts’ – bloggers who have created for themselves an engaging community with a good online reputation.

Now they were just a few I could think of,  Do you agree with me, and what other reasons could you add?


4 thoughts on “A few reasons to blog even if it doesn’t ever get read…

  1. I fully agree that social marketing is a constant learning experience! However, the magority of what I have learned has been through trial and error and through the wonderful work and techniques that I have observed from fellow bloggers rather than seeking “how-to” assistance online. And as a consumer, I ALWAYS check to see if a particular business has a blog…I love to see some level of humanity behind the business.

    • Thank you so much! yes, the thing I have come to learn from my blog posts is not to worry so much about being wrong or writing the wrong thing….that kind of held me back from writing for a while, but I have learnt just to take any negative feed back as constructive criticism, and learn from it. Lucky though, I haven’t had a real lot of negative feedback, so all’s good…I guess I must be on the right track! I’m still yet to fully understand how to use WordPress to make my site little more appealing, but as for now, I’m keeping it fairly simple. Thank you so much for reading, and your comment, I hope you continue to like my posts! 🙂

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