Why You Need to Start Using Google+ …TODAY…


I’ve only discovered Google+ a few weeks ago, but boy am I glad I have! I must admit I was skeptical of it at first, and thought it was all a bit too complicated, but now  that I’m getting the hang of things and how Google+ works, it’s been an added bonus tool to add to my social networking plan, and I recommend to you all!

Here’s just why Google+ is awesome…

*It’s yet another way of networking and reaching an even wider audience.

*You can join in the group discussions in different communities, and even host your own ‘hang out’ – getting to know people on a more personal level, rather than through reading their blog posts…connecting on a more personal level, is an added bonus for your business plan as it creates a more personal relationship with your followers, gaining more trust in you and your business – a definite plus!!

*You can create you own ‘community’ – which is just like building your own tribe of followers with a similar interest, sharing thoughts and ideas, and re-posting interesting stuff off the internet related to your community topic.

*There’s a community for just about anything!

*It can be a place for healing and growth – Since joining an anxiety and depression community myself, I have felt a new sense of being, knowing that there are people out there that will listen to you without having to feel judged and that have possibly been through something similar to you, and you can talk to someone 24hrs a day, there will always be someone to talk to…an excellent healing path for people like myself, dealing with depression an anxiety.

So, if you haven’t already checked out Google Plus, Check it out…now… you will be glad you did. – And no, I’m not getting paid for this post….although I wish I was!!

Have you started using Google Plus? What are your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Why You Need to Start Using Google+ …TODAY…

    • Yes, I think Google+ is a must-have tool for everyone! I’m looking forward to meeting more and more people on there, and joining different communities to gain more knowledge on bloggging, and social media..I really love how we can all learn from one and other through posting articles via social media platforms, it makes learning new things fun! Thanks so much for reading and commenting.. 🙂

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