Empower Network Scam: It’s A Ripoff (And It’s Not About The Money)


Hmmm…I’m disappointed. I read a tweet a few days ago with a link sending me to a introductory video for the Empower Network, the video was lengthy although it somehow manage to keep me watching it all the way through, I think by half way through the video I felt kind of hooked, thinking it all sounded pretty good. By the end of the presentation, I was keen to pay the $25 and get started, so I did, but here’s the thing – I never received anyΒ  sort of “congratulations, and welcome to the team” or any email welcoming me aboard. – Now, I know if it were my business, that is exactly what I would do!

So since I joined up only a few days ago, I wrote my first few blog posts and published them, but last night before falling asleep, I was starting to feel like I was having cold feet, so I did some research to find out whether the whole Empower Network thing is a scam, and yep sure enough, I found several sites warning that it is simply put just another MLM system, and the thing that got me, (- and I should have figured this one out earlier, but I guess I was just all too keen to get started… ) they claim to pay you 100% commissions, but the thing is, if you work it out, it ends up only being 50% with every you having to “pass up” every other sale after your first initial sale, until you get to your 6th sale, then you have to “pass up” every 5th sale thereafter.

And to top the whole thing off, I read a tweet on twitter warning that the Empowerment Network is a scam.

You can read the full article here –

Empower Network Scam: It’s A Ripoff (And It’s Not About The Money).

With today have being the 4th day since I joined, I still have my doubts and just don’t know what to believe or think…should I power on, and keep at it, or just quit while I’m ahead?

If any of you have heard ofΒ  Empower Network, I would love to hear from you and hear your thoughts…


9 thoughts on “Empower Network Scam: It’s A Ripoff (And It’s Not About The Money)

  1. Hi there! I can tell you for sure it is not a scam..I had no experience, no list, no leads, and I am having huge success. The trick is to sign up under a great mastermind group WITHIN empower network. I did a lot of research and ended up signing up with a team called Project A.W.O.L. We have our own private facebook group where we all share our strategies, and actually have resources in place that NO ONE else in Empower Network, or anywhere else in the Internet Marketing world has; We can BUY members (yes thats right!). On top of that, we have our own resources and training that has allowed me to pull out insane results in a few months (Started Dec 2012). Just wanted to let you know that people ARE making REAL money within Empower, and its not a scam. Yes, many people do sign up, and if no money is magically deposited into their bank account, then they quit after a few days and say its scam. If you really want it bad enough, get in touch with me. I’ll plug you into Project A.W.O.L. (Another Way Of Life). Check out my blog http://justlats.com πŸ™‚

    To Your Success,


      • Thanks so much and will definitely check your site out. I was really unimpressed with the lack of support I had when I joined, it’s shocking really. Thanks so much for responding, I’m looking forward to getting on the right track and teaming up with you and your team. I know and totally understand that I may not make money straight away, I think it takes work to build trust with people, because to me marketing is all about building relationships with people. Anyways thanks again for replying. 😊

  2. Believe Jordan, he and I both represent Project A.W.O.L and we have a positive, active community, with access to really great tools and resources. The two leaders of the group remain in close contact with everyone and hold team meetings and group coachings several times throughout every week.

    Look, it’s so easy to get discouraged in the beginning of this process but we’ve all been there, and because we want success bad enough, we pushed on and became more successful than we could have ever imagined.

    We look forward to having you aboard, see you on the other side!

    • Thanks Ryan, I’m still as pumped as ever..I’m just doing all I can and taking small steps each day, I WILL get there! You guys are truly awesome and I’m really happy and proud to be part of an incredible and amazing team! πŸ™‚

      • Great to hear, and yes one step at a time is the best way. I still go through periods where I cram too much into my head at once and then I spend the next couple days trying to sort it all out. Great to have you!

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