Introducing Samsung GALAXY S 4 – YouTube

Do you think Samsung has thought of it all? I don’t own a Samsung phone, but have an iPhone5, but after watching this clip I think I’m going to switch, how about you?…..

What do you think…Do you prefer a Samsung to an iPhone?


One thought on “Introducing Samsung GALAXY S 4 – YouTube

  1. I too own an iPhone 5. The features really seem gimmicky and half baked. Honestly, Apple has made some of the same mistakes (Stupid Siri, Apple Maps, etc.) as of late. Although, I agree there are some compelling reasons to switch, I’m just too deep in Apple right now. We have 4 apple devices right now, and are planning on getting at least two more this year. The iPhone may have some serious contenders, but the iPad Mini, iPad and Macbooks do not! I like the iOS as well, don’t wanna change that. I just hope apple improves the camera and Siri this year. THEY really really need to!!

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