17 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros | Social Media Examiner

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How to improve your Twitter marketing: follow these hot Twitter tips from the pros to get the most our of your Twitter networking.

Katrina White‘s insight:

Some really helpful Twitter marketing tips from the experts, I found this article really quite helpful and hope you do, too! 🙂

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One thought on “17 Twitter Marketing Tips From the Pros | Social Media Examiner

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    Some tools do tag illustration. Also, they do the job just with Twitter; http://RiteTag.com already has 9 social neworks (with topic-tagging) integrated, and will expand to more than 20 – which people can search on simultaneously. RiteTag – to find the rite tags, per network (they vary per network) and learn about tags as well. Its not about SEO, but SSO: social sharing optimization: optimizing social media updates to be seen by those not following you by name, but following and searching for your tagged topics. And absolutely nothing out there does what RiteTag.com does for this, not for one network, let alone the nine that we already have integrated.

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