How Can Social Media Improve Our Lives?

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Social media has become an important part of many of our lives. My belief is that so many people wouldn’t have taken to it so enthusiastically if they didn’t feel it benefited them in some way. Let’s have a look at a few ways social media has made our lives more interesting, then we will consider Maslow’s theory of human needs,to try to better understand why we use social media, and how it benefits us more profoundly.

If you read my last post, then firstly thank you, you’re very cool, and second this builds on it and re-uses some of the content on Maslow’s theory of needs, but I go into more detail here.

So, how can I use social media to make my life better?

Let’s start with the less technical stuff. This article gives plenty of examples of how you can use social media to improve your life. I’ve pick my 3…

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