Let Go of Worry, and Let Worry Worry About Itself!

Just Go Riight Along Dr Seuss

Each and all of us have our own worries and struggles…but are you holding on to baggage, dragging it everywhere you go, and finding that the older you get, the more heavier the baggage is?

Life can seem like a one huge lesson, with lots of little or even big things to test us, and sadly, tragedies and unfortunate things happen to a lot of us, but I believe it’s our reaction to these lessons that make us and shape us all to be who we are. Whether you dwell on these things or treat them as blessings and lessons learnt, it’s your choice.

I personally like to believe that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a lesson to be learnt in every situation. Life can try to break us and test us all to our very limits..but at the end of the day we are all in this world together, we all have our own struggles, and its whether you chose to have it break you or make you better, or to whether you let life’s struggles make you better or bitter, it’s up to you.

Now I’m not going to go on, I just wanted to remind you that life is a precious gift full of many surprises…good and bad, and you’re not alone! I say this, because I have suffered from anxiety and depression ever since I was was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young girl. I am now free of seizures, I haven’t had a seizure for 20 years.(…Geeeez that makes me feel old!! ) But only until recently, I have started to get my depression and anxiety under complete control. I have learnt to see the good in everything, and all I do, and being able to see the good in everything and has really changed me and the way I feel about life. I’m eager and excited to start my day each and every morning, and I am more than grateful for all that I have, and the wonderful people I am surrounded by, life to me now really is a magical journey!

That’s just my story, but how do you see life?

Love and hugs to you, and thank you so much for stopping by to have a read… πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Let Go of Worry, and Let Worry Worry About Itself!

    • Hey lovely…don’t be so hard on yourself though, once you realize and see that worrying is nothing more than a waste of your time and energy, and that it only leads to you feeling worse, just let worry worry about itself – you’ll feel loads better. Instead of focusing on problems concentrate on all the good in your life..even if you think there is none, there really is, – I’ve been there, had horrible dark days where it was just way too hard to even get out of bed, I wasn’t happy, and nothing I did seemed to make me happy. But I’ve been reading a really great book by Rhonda Byrne, – The Magic, and it’s taught me really to see good in everything and all I do. And the more I practice her teachings, the happier I honestly feel. Right now, I could be dwelling on all the negative things in my life and in my past, but when you focus on all the negative stuff in your life, you seem to keep finding more and more bad stuff, and all it really does is make you feel like crap!! So I just don’t worry about things like I used to, and I just live my life to the fullest, putting all my love and heart into all I do.

      So what I am really saying, is start focusing on all the good, and the more you start seeing good in your life, the happier and less worried and stressed out you will be….it really works! I really hope this helps…and thanks so very much for reading my post, you’re truly awesome!! xo πŸ™‚

  1. Wow this came at a time I needed to hear this, I am going through something so hurtful and I can’t understand why, I am trying to push the why away but I am having a hard time telling my heart to let go, God gives us what we need when we need it the most. The hardest thing for me is that it’s causing me not to want to trust people and what they say, and it’s not fair to make others pay for what someone else has done to me…but I am trying to release this pain in my heart and stop blaming my self for this persons change that has caused me to just stress and have anxiety, I thank you for writing this I have to stop worrying about the why!

    • Yes my good friend, that’s just it! Stop worrying about the why, and let God deal with it. Like you probably know, the more you worry and stress, the more worry and stress you find. Focus on all the good stuff, – your family, your comfy bed to sleep in, your nice home, pets (if you have any) a computer or laptop you might have, and a telly to watch your favourite shows..I could go on and on, but the more you see and focus on what good these things bring to you and try to imagine life without them, the happier and more grateful you will feel, and you won’t even need to think about the bad stuff, because you won’t be even thinking of it…get what I mean?

      Hope it helps… πŸ™‚ xx

      • Yes I do thank you so much for listening it means so much to me, I will take this advice and apply it to my life and allow God to heal this place in my heart. This has been so hard and very hurtful I have lost sleep over this and just praying it will happen the way I want it to but it’s not so letting go is the healthy choice. Thank you my sweet friend.

      • My absolute pleasure, beautiful!! it really gives me so much joy and happiness to my heart to know that I’ve helped…if only just a little…Thanks again for reading, and I hope that you really can let go, and just let God deal with it…huge hugs hunny!! πŸ™‚ xx

  2. This is a great post! Throughout my twenties, I was one of those women that would always dwell on her mistakes, always thinking “I should have done this” or “Why did I do that?”. It wasn’t until I hit my 30s that I realized that everything in life happens for a reason, as you beautifully stated in your post! We need to find our own ways to deal with situations so we can all be better people as a result! For instance, after my grandpa passed away after living with Alzheimer’s disease for many years, my family and I formed a fundraising group for The Alzheimer’s Association, and I feel it has been helping me tremendously in dealing with his passing!
    Thank you again for this wonderful post!

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