Disappointments Can Actually Be GOOD!!…

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Disappointments…We all have them, some of us more then others. But Do you let your disappointments rule your life and spoil your day? It can be so easy to let them spoil your day and get caught up with the negativity that they unfold. So I have put together a list of things to help keep those positive thoughts thriving, and not even giving those disappointments a chance to spoil your day! –

Give Thanks! – yes you might be set back a little with your disappointment, but think of the positive side, and what positive you can get from the experience. Perhaps it gives you more time to yourself, and more time to focus on your business strategy? What ever it is, you can always turn the disappointment around to be useful and actually good for you!

Focus More on You – Disappointments are usually a good time to sit back, reflect on ourselves, and focus on something you haven’t done for yourself in a while. Maybe it’s giving yourself sometime to relax, or go for a walk? What’s something you haven’t done for yourself in a long while? – Why not take this opportunity to go and do it!

Get Busy! – If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with your disappointment, try and keep yourself busy…don’t allow it to fester and make you angry, it will only end up spoiling your day! Everything happens for a reason, and good will actually come from what ever the set back, or disappointment if you allow it. – I like to think that Disappointments are God’s way of teaching us something, and are stepping stones to something bigger and better he has planned for us.. 🙂

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Over to you……Do you agree, and what helps you cope with disappointment?


2 thoughts on “Disappointments Can Actually Be GOOD!!…

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