Where is my blogging inspiration?


Feeling stuck with blogger’s block, and not sure what to write or post on your blog?  Here are some great ways of finding inspiration and ideas for your blog that you may not of thought of to help you out….

Pinterest – there’s loads of inspiration and ideas on Pinterest, I often get a lot of my inspiration from pins I like on there.

Twitter – If you have a twitter account, have a look at what’s trending, and what most people are talking about in your timeline, or perhaps there’s a post that stands out that you can talk about.

News – is there something in today’s news that you want to talk about perhaps?

YouTube – There are loads of interesting and inspiring videos on YouTube. Got a favorite music clip? Why not post it and tell your readers why you like it so much.

Magazines – Flick through your favorite mag, and see if there’s a story you like, that you can talk about.

Other blog posts – See what’s trending in other blog posts…like the sound of  a blog post? Why not write about it?

Google Plus – Google Plus is another rapidly growing social platform that a lot of people love. Check out what’s trending or a topic you like and see if there’s a post that inspires you.

Television – What’s your favorite tv show? Why not talk about it, and spark a conversation on why you like it. Or on the contrary, is there a tv show that really gets under your skin? Why not discuss it.

Your favorite book – What’s your favorite book? – Why not tell your readers about it, or perhaps you’re reading a great book right now? – What are you liking so much about it?  Your readers will be intrigued!

Movies – Seen a good or bad movie lately? Why did/didn’t you like it? Movie reviews are always worth a read.

See..inspiration is just about everywhere…all you need is a little bit of imagination, a good look around you, and you can be on your way with your next blog post.

follow your bliss

Thank you so much for stopping by and having a read! Do these tips help? Got any more tips you could add perhaps? Happy blogging, and always remember….you’re truly AWESOME!! xx 🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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