Give Yourself Permission to SMILE!

smiley cat

I’m going to share a little secret with you, – I smile, and I smile a lot!

Smiling is great!! It not only lifts your mood and boosts your spirit, but others around you, too.

Smiling helps you to think and feel more positive and helps you to de-stress.

I wanted to write this article to inspire you to simply just give yourself permission to smile. Yes we all have our ups and downs in life, but they are simply just how we stumble our way and learn through life. – Can you imagine a life where you never ever made a single mistake? – it would be pretty darn boring.

Life’s little challenges can be all a little over-whelming at times, but to stay strong, it will help you to simply wear a smile and have a little faith that things will get better. I personally think and believe our minds are super-powerful and no matter what the situation may be, we have the power with in us to get us by. What makes me think this way is because when you start thinking negatively, and focus on the pain or the problem rather than focusing on getting well, you begin to hurt more and the pain becomes more intense, simply because that is what you have chosen to focus on. Now, if you choose to think more happier and positive thoughts and focused on getting well, your mind will be busy focusing on the happy thoughts and how to get well again…yes the pain might still be there, but you will find it less intense simply just because you choose not to focus on it.

Now I’m no doctor or therapist, but one thing I have learnt through life is to focus more on the positive, waking up each day with an attitude of gratitude – and taking a moment to myself to reflect upon the good things in life, and what I feel I am truly grateful for. And as a recovered sufferer of depression, I find smiling, focusing on more positive thoughts and simply being grateful and thankful for life and what it has taught me really quite honestly, is the best therapy I can say I have ever taught myself.

I hope with this article, I can remind you of how important it is to simply just allow yourself to smile perhaps a little more..It really does change the way you see life…

random smile fact

smile quote

– Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

Sent with a big squishy hug!  🙂


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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