How To Engage Customers With Your Personal Story And Build Your Brand

Inner Fulfillment, Outer Success

People love drama! We senewspapere this love for drama daily as we flip through the channels and see show after show filled with nothing but mindless drama.  But within this endless stream of poor television choices lies a very important message for aspiring life coaches and entrepreneurs. Drama engages people, and we all have our own drama that people also want to be engaged with.

Your personal life story is a marketing tool to attract potential customers like no other tool in your arsenal, because above everything it is highly unique.  Your story is what started your brand, created where you are today and will continue to grow with you.  When you put your story out there, let people see, hear and feel who you are they gain a connection with you and your brand.

I feel very strongly about this concept because it changed my business and personal…

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