Stop Putting Off Today, What Could Be Tomorrow…


Are you a sucker for putting off what you could be doing today?

Do you think somethings are just all too hard, and put them in the ‘too hard basket’ ?

– Stop making excuses, and start taking action! By putting things off, and procrastinating, you are most likely mixing negative thoughts and emotions with what ever the task might be. Change your way of thinking to how good it will feel once the task is done, – whether it’s doing the housework, ironing, or the dishes..what ever it may be, change your attitude to think of how good you will once it’s done.

-Or perhaps you might have some doubts about something you keep putting off? – Turn your doubts into goals, and act on them..don’t worry about failing – we all do, and it’s how we learn..embrace challenges and mistakes you make as lessons learnt…after all, how do you expect to learn from your mistakes if you make none??

– Start linking pleasure with what you do, instead of thinking it’s all too difficult, and you simply could not be bothered…make things fun, – pump up the volume on the stereo while you do the house work if you can, or put your headphones on…do whatever it takes to make things fun!

keep calm and turn up the volume

-Banish that negative self-talk!! Obsessive over-thinking does nothing for you, except drag you down and stop achieving things. Make a habit of each time you catch yourself thinking negative to and over-thinking, to think of 5 things to be truly grateful for.  Whether it’s to have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, a tv to watch, a nice cosy home, a loving caring family around you, an ipod to listen to your favorite tunes…what ever it might be – there are loads of people out there, way less fortunate, and would do anything to have just what you have.

So overall, just start doing, and stop thinking it’s too hard, and putting things off…. you will be glad you did!!


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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