Is Fear Controlling You?

Fears are stories we tell ourselves

Fear can be controlling and manipulative if you give in and listen to it. It ultimately is your worst enemy. It’s the whisper inside your head that tries to tell you that you can’t do something and you’re simply not good enough.

So how do we let go of fear?

Learn to follow your heart…find something that you thoroughly enjoy. – For me, it’s inspiring and motivating people to live and follow their dreams..perhaps it might be the same for you..or it might be something totally different. What ever it is that makes your heart really sing, get busy and just do it. Don’t worry about the people that might say you can’t do it, or you’re not good enough..use that negative energy they dish out to inspire and motivate you even more to follow your dreams. Get yourself connected with others with similar interests, and create yourself a little community. – Google plus is great for connecting and sharing ideas, and learning from others. You will find that once you get yourself busy following your dreams and working towards your goals that the fear you once had will slowly slip away. You will however, have your days where you just can’t be motivated….but prepare for them, knowing that it’s perfectly ok to have those days, but when you do, find something that will boost your spirits and get you back on track. – For me, it’s watching music video clips, – I tend to watch them quite a lot while I’m working,  – there’s just something about music that makes you feel good! Or perhaps for you, it might be zoning out for a bit, and doing a nice quiet little meditation…what ever rocks you boat, and makes you feel great.

Sometimes we kind of need to spring clean our life and think about what we really need. Are there any people in your life that drag you down with there own negativity and problems? Maybe it’s time to spend a bit of time away from them for a while. Now, I’m not asking you to unfriend them and never speak to them again….You just owe it to yourself  to listen more to what it is that you really want from life, and start acting on it. Life really is too short to be sitting stagnant and not following your truest passion, time can slip away from us all so, so very quickly.

So ask yourself this – What is it that really makes your heart sing? Where do you want to see yourself in the next 5-10 years? Have you got a clear vision and goal to what it is that you truly want from life?

…And then think of your “Why” – Why do you want to do what you want to do? – Is it to free yourself from debt, or go on a nice holiday overseas with your beautiful family? Or to give back to those who have very lovingly supported you throughout your life? – Wouldn’t it just be truly awesome to be able to give back, knowing that you actually can, and because you really care?

Then get busy!!! Make a list of goals that you would like to achieve, and put a date on them! Mark it on the calendar and start working towards your goals each and every day..The thing to keep in mind though, is to start small with your goals and don’t expect too much. Success only comes from perseverance and persistence. Long term success I’m sorry to say, doesn’t happen over night. So be kind and gentle on yourself and most of all, keep believing in your dreams!

Believing in Yourself quote


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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