How I’ve Kicked Depression Where It Hurts, And Got Rid Of It…FOR GOOD!

As you may or may not already know, I have lived with depression since I was young, and as any depression sufferer can tell you, depression is a very very cold, dark and lonely place to be…and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy!

I’m happy to say that I have now kicked depression in the nuts and have left that sad, lonely person I once was behind…and she’s locked tight away in her cave that I hope she never escapes from!

Here’s how I have beaten depression for myself, and with absolutely no drugs, or outside help – all on my own…

I got myself a hobby! – I started blogging, and to my surprise I loved it! and before too long I was hooked on my blogging, and the more I wrote and changed my focus from worrying about this that and the other, and just wrote from my heart and about things I found I was truly passionate about, – my depression just simply faded away..there’s no other way to describe it but that. As soon as I would notice a depressive mood coming on, I now simply “switch off” those thoughts and re-focus on something that makes me happy – I jump on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ and join in the conversation..which again, re-focuses my thoughts back to being happy.

I really believe the big thing with Depression and mental illness is breaking the thought patterns and habits that are formed, and kind of breaking the cycle if you know what I mean? Although I know there are some unfortunate severe sufferers out there, that simply need medication to live a happy and healthy life..If you or any one you may know has depression and it’s not too serious, I strongly recommend just being kind to yourself, and learn to really love who you are.

I have also learnt to be truly grateful! – I’ve learnt to accept my past, knowing that it may not be a happy past, but I am thankful for it. My past has molded and shaped me into the person I am today..and boy oh boy, the lessons that I have learnt!!  So, just as I am no longer living my past and dwelling upon it each and every day, I ask you to take a good look around you, and look at what you have in your life – do you have a nice cosy bed to sleep in at night? a warm and loving family that supports each and everything you do? a television to watch your favorite shows? a cd player, walkman, iPod, mp3 player  to listen to your favorite tunes? – Really think about every single thing…and just be thankful. There are people out there that would give anything to have just what you have.

I also exercise regularly – I will be honest with you here, I still have to sometimes force myself to put my runners on and head outside, and even more so, now that winter is kicking in! But you know what, once I get out there and I get going with my workout – I actually enjoy it!! Buy yourself a boxing bag and some gloves if you can, – I highly recommend it!! Boxing not only helps to keep you fit and burn away fat, but really helps to punch out all that negativity and emotions you have deep down inside…You can get as angry as you want with the bag, because you can – and it feels f****n great!!!

…So there you have it, that pretty much sums up just how I’ve kicked depression in the nuts and gotten rid of it for good…that girl I once was I hope never back out of her cave!!  – I hope you have found this post interesting and helpful, I really want to reach out to other sufferers and show them that there really is a bright and happy future for us all to’s just up to you what thoughts you allow into your head and to act upon..and there really are some beautiful people out there willing to take your hand and help you through what ever you are going through…you really aren’t alone!!

Wishing you all the happiness that life can give you, and I hope that you too, can kick depression and start living a much happier and brighter tomorrow. You really are a an amazing go out and shine that amazingness that you really have within you..

i hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you

Love and hugs.. Katrina 🙂 xx


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