Is Just Getting Started Your Biggest Hurdle?


Starting out on a new journey is not always easy…and the hardest part is just getting yourself started. The thing is, whatever it is that you are setting out to achieve, you have to almost go against what you may have grown up to believe, get yourself a little uncomfortable for a little while and stepping outside of your comfort zone…and that can sometimes take effort, and a fair bit of it, if you are anything like me, and used to doing your own thing, not testing your limits and trying anything new. Sorry to say, but there is no fast track to success, it all comes from trial and error, so mistakes are actually a really good thing as long as you learn from them.

I think the biggest fear with getting started is that you will stuff up and and the fear of failing can be the biggest thing that will continue to keep setting you back from achieving your goals if you keep giving in to fear. Fear is ultimately what keeps most of us in our comfort zones.

Here’s some handy tips to help you get started:

Surround yourself with people already successful – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great for connecting with like minded people and finding inspiration.

Create yourself a vision board – Pinterest can be a good place for this, inspiration is almost limitless on Pinterest. Create a board and pin all the places you would like to go visit in the near future, it can be a kind of ‘bucket list’ if you wish.

Start blogging! – Blogging really is awesome, it gives you the ability to voice your opinion on whatever it is that you are passionate about, and another plus with blogging is – you can make blogging more than just a hobby and make it a way of income for you if you wish..Why not make a nice tidy income from your posts since your putting the effort into them? – Sounds good to me!! ($$$$$ CA-CHING!!!!)

Wake up each day with purpose – do a 5 or 10 minute meditation to kick start your day and get you in the zone and ready for success.


Listen to inspirational audio – To be successful, you have to be prepared to learn and open your mind up to new things. Podcasts are great to learn from and get you inspired,  there’s a tonne of them on iTunes, or you can simply do a web search for a Podcast, – there is possibly a podcast out there for anything you wish to learn!

Watch, Listen and Learn – As I already mentioned above, you really have to be prepared to learn in order to get anywhere and be successful. YouTube is brilliant for tutorials, and you will find a tutorial for just about anything on YouTube.

Watch your thoughts – Thoughts really do become things! – What you think you really can’s fact!. So be mindful of your thoughts..are they positive? do they serve you purpose? You really can’t set out to become successful with a negative mindset, so be careful.

Inspire others – By inspiring others you also inspire yourself! post some uplifting quotes to your blogs and across social media, – we all need a little’s what drives us to be successful.


What motivates you? – whether it’s listening to your favorite music, or reading a good book, – do more of it! – just do what ever it takes to get you in the mood and ready for success!

Get busy!! – Consistency is vital to anyone’s success, so prepare yourself to get busy doing what it is you want to become better at, and get busy!! Try and spend a good amount of your spare time on whatever it is to start with..this is why it is also important to love what you do, if you don’t truly love or have a passion for whatever it is, you simply wont be driven to success. Just follow your heart and go with the flow. Be easy on yourself though…success wont happen over night, and it’s not going to happen if you’re not consistent.


.….So there you have it follow these tips daily and you will be sure to be on your way to success! 🙂 

I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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