Have You Ever Wanted Something So Bad…It Hurts?

Today I’m having one of those days…

Starting out anything new is kinda scary…especially if it is totally out of your comfort zone and something you have never ever done before.

I  love writing my blogs, and I have a big heart for social media – I think it’s amazing. But my issue right now is getting more traffic to my posts. I keep asking myself what am I doing wrong, when the actual fact is that I’m not doing anything really ‘wrong’ – I’m just not reaching the right people with my posts…and it’s doing my head in!!

So, how do we overcome this anxiety of wanting something so, so badly?

Firstly, grab yourself a cuppa…may it be tea, coffee, or a nice creamy hot chocoalte…what ever feel like..

Take a deep breath…everything is ok…and you’re going well so far!! Don’t beat yourself up so much worrying about the nitty-gritty.

Have a think about how far you have come already…even if this is the very first day on your new journey..give yourself a little pat on the back for making the decision and taking action…Good for you!!

know that you really aren’t alone in your journey – connect with others following your same path and with similar interests. – Google+ Communities  and Facebook groups are a great way of connecting with like-minded people.

Look for people already successful in the niche you have chosen and learn from them – sign up to receive their email updates and follow them through social media.

…And lastly – be easy on yourself!! Success only comes from loving what you do and doing it consistently..so instead of worrying so much about things, get yourself busy making things happen for you…each and every little step you take is taking closer and closer to success..so hang in there!!

everything you are seeking is seeking you

Thank you so much for stopping by…I would love to hear from you – How do you cope on those days where you feel a little overwhelmed?  

I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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