Im back!!

Yes..I’m back!!

For far too long I have been putting off my posts, I guess I just fell out of routine to posting, but truthfully I have kind of enjoyed a break…but now it’s back to business, and back to my daily routine.

What set me back was a close friend being diagnosed with two large cancerous tumours – one her lungs and the other had attached itself to her spinal cord…but get this – she called me from her hospital bed, only just an hour before she underwent surgery! – She told me she had some bad news and that she was about to undergo 8 hours of extensive surgery… I was shocked! mainly because I had only just caught up with her a week or so earlier, and she seemed ok, although she was complaining of being in slight pain, and she just assumed it was arthritis and was just taking pain killers for it..How wrong her doctor was to just assume without sending her for tests, they could have perhaps gotten to the tumours before they grew so big!

But never mind…she has undergone an intense 6 weeks of radiation treatment, and the true fighter that she is, she is now back on her feet.

It’s great to be back and posting again…I’m looking forward to connecting with you all and reading your stories as well.. 🙂 xo


I would love to hear your thoughts :)

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