A Quick little Bit About Me….

I hear you ask….”Who the heck is Cheeky Marketing?”

Well firstly, let me introduce myself…my name’s Katrina and I love, love, love, Social Media!  I thought  to call my website Cheeky Marketing, as it made perfect sense as many of you might already know me as @cheekymktng on twittter. I love connecting with people from all walks of life, from all over the world and I am really embracing the power of social media!

A little bit of background about me:

I’m just an average girl,  pursuing her dream…For a good 15 years I have always had an interest in online marketing and like a lot of you out there, I have tried several business, only to end up failing them because of one reason or another. Now after many days spent researching how to make your online business to work, I have come to believe that for your really work it takes is dedication and a little bit of hard work. I really believe in creating a vision and with goals and deadlines to work towards, because without them you really have no real hope in having your vision and dreams come true. I am a fan of Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Magic” and am a believer in the power of gratitude.

I am a huge huge fan of social media, – I spend just about all my spare time on twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest and thoroughly enjoy embracing the power of social media.

My ultimate goal in life is to create a difference in people’s life, and become an influential leader in personal development and wellness. Life is to be cherished, and lived every single moment to it’s very fullest. There’s so much around us all to be thankful for, and within my teachings I aim to open your eyes up to things that you might perhaps take for granted without even realizing, and see just for yourself just how practicing gratitude can really work some magic in your life.

So here I am, indulging myself into the wonderful world of blogging, and I am really looking forward to connecting with you all and truly hope you enjoy my posts!

With a big squishy hug, from me!! 🙂 x

7 thoughts on “A Quick little Bit About Me….

  1. A quote for you when in times of doubt ….

    “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”
    ― Truman Capote

    When that little voice of negativity nags at you? Indulge your other positive voice to drown it out 🙂

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