Have You Ever Wanted Something So Bad…It Hurts?

Today I’m having one of those days…

Starting out anything new is kinda scary…especially if it is totally out of your comfort zone and something you have never ever done before.

Iย  love writing my blogs, and I have a big heart for social media – I think it’s amazing. But my issue right now is getting more traffic to my posts. I keep asking myself what am I doing wrong, when the actual fact is that I’m not doing anything really ‘wrong’ – I’m just not reaching the right people with my posts…and it’s doing my head in!!

So, how do we overcome this anxiety of wanting something so, so badly?

Firstly, grab yourself a cuppa…may it be tea, coffee, or a nice creamy hot chocoalte…what ever feel like..

Take a deep breath…everything is ok…and you’re going well so far!! Don’t beat yourself up so much worrying about the nitty-gritty.

Have a think about how far you have come already…even if this is the very first day on your new journey..give yourself a little pat on the back for making the decision and taking action…Good for you!!

know that you really aren’t alone in your journey – connect with others following your same path and with similar interests. – Google+ Communities ย and Facebook groups are a great way of connecting with like-minded people.

Look for people already successful in the niche you have chosen and learn from them – sign up to receive their email updates and follow them through social media.

…And lastly – be easy on yourself!! Success only comes from loving what you do and doing it consistently..so instead of worrying so much about things, get yourself busy making things happen for you…each and every little step you take is taking closer and closer to success..so hang in there!!

everything you are seeking is seeking you

Thank you so much for stopping by…I would love to hear from you – How do you cope on those days where you feel a little overwhelmed? ย 


Change Your Thoughts And You Really Can Change Your World…

A note to anyone who suffers from mental illness or depression…

I’m not shy to say I have suffered from depression, and to let you all know that I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety since I was quite little. In fact, I think depression is quite common…it’s just sad there’s this kind of stigma attached to depression and mental illness, it’s almost like society seems to think that you are not ‘normal’ – some people from my experience used to say to me, “depression is just your way out of not doing things, and stop trying to take the easy way out” – instead of showing a little empathy and understanding my circumstance.


Depression and mental illness can be a very very dark and lonely place..and yes, it may be hard for someone that never has experienced depression to understand what you are going through..but the thing is, and I mean this in the nicest possible way – mental illness and depression is your problem, and therefore only YOU can fix it by helping yourself, and until you realise that it’s only you that really can fix you, then you will most likely continue down the same old lonely path with your mental illness or depression.

It’s your thoughts that ultimately control your actions…you would have probably heard it said it a million times, that your thoughts become things, and what you think, you become. – It’s true…our thoughts are extremely powerful, they have the power to really make or break us, because whatever thoughts we have we tend to manifest upon subconsciously and therefore they can result in our moods either being good or bad, happy or sad.


What has really helped me is finding myself a new hobby. – Sometimes all it takes to lift you out of a bad mood is to refocus you attention to something you enjoy. So instead of sitting around thinking “why me?”, and focusing your attention on how you are feeling, think what it is that you enjoy…perhaps you feel alone, and if you do,why not talk to someone about it? You see, that is the magic of social media – it gives us all the ability to reach out to people right across the world..and believe me, there’s a heap of people out there, with some sort of mental illness or depression that are more than willing to reach out and help you! Jump onto Google+ and join a Mental health community, and you can see just for yourself that you really aren’t alone with what you are going through, it might be just the support you need to get you through what ever it is that you are going through.

Be easy on yourself though, I think having depression you can be so used to beating yourself up with your own thoughts that it can be almost habit and so easy to fall back into the trap of sitting back and not getting things done because of your ‘old way’ of thinking. – Now, I have called it your ‘old way’ of thinking, because if you really want to beat this thing, and become a stronger, happier you..then your ‘old way’ of thinking simply has to go. Just learn to be mindful of your thoughts…are they good or bad? What purpose are they serving you?


Learn to be ok with failure. – I used to get so uptight about failing that I never ended up finishing things. I would purchase a course, and sometimes not even get started with it, because I was afraid of failing..but in actual fact, that is just how we all learn. No one has ever been successful from not trying and not making any mistakes…and if success for you is simply just finding happiness, and what makes you really shine…then keep trying new and different things until you do find the one thing that really makes your heart kinda sing! We all are talented in one way or another..for me I have found solitude in writing, and connecting with people through social media…perhaps it might be the same for you? Give it a go…just allow yourself to shine in whatever it is that makes you glow!

….So there you have it…you really CAN change your thoughts..and you really do have the power to change your world. It all starts with YOU!! – So go out and shine that magic you have within you!! xx ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

re-examien all you have been told quote

The Upside to Feeling Down – The Good Side to Feeling Bad


Feeling a little down in the dumps, and overwhelmed?

Relax, it’s totally ok…and to have these feelings once in a while, is actually a good thing! Here’s why:

-It shows that you’re human, with real feelings

-It gives you time to reflect and grow, by thinking about your problems

-When you are a little down and overwhelmed, it’s a good time to reach out to your close friends and ask for support.

Now, of course it’s not a good thing to be feeling rotten all the time, but if you get a little down once in a few weeks or so, perhaps, don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s perfectly fine to feel a little ‘yuck’, – but use it as some time to reflect upon your problem, and how you can overcome it…use this time as good ‘you time’ – go for a walk, do some meditation, listen to your favorite music, watch a good comedy..talk to your friends…just do what feels good…sometimes it just might be having some alone time, and even having a good old cry if you need to. Just know that it’s perfectly OK…we all have these days from time to time!

Here’s a little further reading with 30 Ways to Improve Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down by tinybuddha

tiny buddha logoBuddha_large

Thank you so much for stopping by…hope you enjoyed this little read. Please feel free to leave your thoughts, I would love to hear from you xx ๐Ÿ™‚

A Little Overwhelmed? Here Are Some Top Tips To Help…

Hey there awesomness!!

Getting started on something new can be super exciting, but yet at the same time a little overwhelming with so much information right at your fingertips, and not knowing where to start. I’ve experienced this myself, just recently..hence it prompting me to write this post, so I have put together some tips that you can do that should help you get into the groove of things and ease your frustration with getting started on something new.

Tips to overcome that overwhelming feeling of starting out something new….

Join a Facebook group or fan club and connect with people with similar interests.

Join a Google+ Community – there are loads of them, and people enjoy sharing ideas and will love help you out.

Look for tutorials on the internet. – There’s a “tute” (as I like to call them) for just about everything, on YouTube and on the internet.

Keep positive!! – Remind yourself regularly why you are doing this, constantly thinking of your “Why” will help to keep you motivated and pumped to keep going and not throw in the towel because you think it might be all a little too much.

Listen to Podcasts – there are loads of them on the internet and in iTunes. Podcasts are really useful when unsure of what you are doing, and perhaps wanting a little advice, like tutorials, there are stacks of Podcasts on just about any topic you can think of.

Take a browse through Pinterest – Pinterest is a great place to get a little inspired, and perhaps loose yourself just a little while you browse around dream a little!

Have you joined Twitter yet? – if not do so, and search for people with similar interests…e.g if you are starting out in social media marketing, look for twitter users to follow that tweet about social media marketing. I’ve made the majority of my social media friendships through twitter, it really is a good place to connect with like-minded peeps, once you get the hang of how to use it.

Be easy on yourself – know that you don’t have to be an instant success overnight…as much as you might so badly want to, you need to give yourself time to understand your new goal, and some days you might be on a roll and other days you might just feel a little overwhelmed again…what ever your feeling, it’s totally ok, there is no race to the finish line here. Just focus on one thing at a time if you need to, knowing that every little thing you do, will push you even closer to achieving your goals.

you have to believe

….Have I forgotten anything? Perhaps you could add something else, I would truly love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!ย  – Katrina ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

Q. Have You Stepped Outside Your Comfort Zone Today?

Whether it’s forcing yourself out of a nice warm and cosy bed on a winter’s morning…or doing something you have never done before…it all feels scary but there’s a couple ofย  little voices in your head that says “do it!”…and then there’s that horrible devilish voice that says “no…don’t do it!”and I can bet my bottom dollar which voice you will end up giving in to!

Sometimes, you just have to take the plunge, and have a little faith. And if you stuff up…well, at least that will be a lesson well learnt!

Have a little optimism and think about what you will gain from stepping out of your comfort zone, and doing something different. How much will you grow and improve from trying something new?

….Think of it this way, if you always do what you have always done…you will always have what you have always had.

outside our comfort zone quoteimage thanks to MomsGrowingWithGoals.com

So, what have YOU done today, that’s out of the “norm”ย  – Have you stepped out of your comfort zone a little? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, for stopping by, you are truly awesome!!

Katrina. xo ๐Ÿ™‚

Ultimate Motivation No Excuses – YouTube

Ultimate Motivation No Excuses – YouTube.

Feeling a little ‘flat’ – like you’re not really getting anywhere?

– What is your ultimate goal in life and what is your dream?

How badly do you want success? – Are you willing to put in the effort and give it your all?

– “Let me tell you something you already know, – The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place, and I don’t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep permanently if you let it.”ย  – Sylvester Stallone.

I urge you to take a look at this brilliant short clip, it’s less than 5 mins – it will inspire, and empower you to keep on going no matter what…and never ever give up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Stop Putting Off Today, What Could Be Tomorrow…


Are you a sucker for putting off what you could be doing today?

Do you think somethings are just all too hard, and put them in the ‘too hard basket’ ?

– Stop making excuses, and start taking action! By putting things off, and procrastinating, you are most likely mixing negative thoughts and emotions with what ever the task might be. Change your way of thinking to how good it will feel once the task is done, – whether it’s doing the housework, ironing, or the dishes..what ever it may be, change your attitude to think of how good you will once it’s done.

-Or perhaps you might have some doubts about something you keep putting off? – Turn your doubts into goals, and act on them..don’t worry about failing – we all do, and it’s how we learn..embrace challenges and mistakes you make as lessons learnt…after all, how do you expect to learn from your mistakes if you make none??

– Start linking pleasure with what you do, instead of thinking it’s all too difficult, and you simply could not be bothered…make things fun, – pump up the volume on the stereo while you do the house work if you can, or put your headphones on…do whatever it takes to make things fun!

keep calm and turn up the volume

-Banish that negative self-talk!! Obsessive over-thinking does nothing for you, except drag you down and stop achieving things. Make a habit of each time you catch yourself thinking negative to and over-thinking, to think of 5 things to be truly grateful for.ย  Whether it’s to have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, a tv to watch, a nice cosy home, a loving caring family around you, an ipod to listen to your favorite tunes…what ever it might be – there are loads of people out there, way less fortunate, and would do anything to have just what you have.

So overall, just start doing, and stop thinking it’s too hard, and putting things off…. you will be glad you did!!