Is Just Getting Started Your Biggest Hurdle?


Starting out on a new journey is not always easy…and the hardest part is just getting yourself started. The thing is, whatever it is that you are setting out to achieve, you have to almost go against what you may have grown up to believe, get yourself a little uncomfortable for a little while and stepping outside of your comfort zone…and that can sometimes take effort, and a fair bit of it, if you are anything like me, and used to doing your own thing, not testing your limits and trying anything new. Sorry to say, but there is no fast track to success, it all comes from trial and error, so mistakes are actually a really good thing as long as you learn from them.

I think the biggest fear with getting started is that you will stuff up and and the fear of failing can be the biggest thing that will continue to keep setting you back from achieving your goals if you keep giving in to fear. Fear is ultimately what keeps most of us in our comfort zones.

Here’s some handy tips to help you get started:

Surround yourself with people already successful – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are great for connecting with like minded people and finding inspiration.

Create yourself a vision board – Pinterest can be a good place for this, inspiration is almost limitless on Pinterest. Create a board and pin all the places you would like to go visit in the near future, it can be a kind of ‘bucket list’ if you wish.

Start blogging! – Blogging really is awesome, it gives you the ability to voice your opinion on whatever it is that you are passionate about, and another plus with blogging is – you can make blogging more than just a hobby and make it a way of income for you if you wish..Why not make a nice tidy income from your posts since your putting the effort into them? – Sounds good to me!! ($$$$$ CA-CHING!!!!)

Wake up each day with purpose – do a 5 or 10 minute meditation to kick start your day and get you in the zone and ready for success.


Listen to inspirational audio – To be successful, you have to be prepared to learn and open your mind up to new things. Podcasts are great to learn from and get you inspired,Β  there’s a tonne of them on iTunes, or you can simply do a web search for a Podcast, – there is possibly a podcast out there for anything you wish to learn!

Watch, Listen and Learn – As I already mentioned above, you really have to be prepared to learn in order to get anywhere and be successful. YouTube is brilliant for tutorials, and you will find a tutorial for just about anything on YouTube.

Watch your thoughts – Thoughts really do become things! – What you think you really can’s fact!. So be mindful of your thoughts..are they positive? do they serve you purpose? You really can’t set out to become successful with a negative mindset, so be careful.

Inspire others – By inspiring others you also inspire yourself! post some uplifting quotes to your blogs and across social media, – we all need a little’s what drives us to be successful.


What motivates you? – whether it’s listening to your favorite music, or reading a good book, – do more of it! – just do what ever it takes to get you in the mood and ready for success!

Get busy!! – Consistency is vital to anyone’s success, so prepare yourself to get busy doing what it is you want to become better at, and get busy!! Try and spend a good amount of your spare time on whatever it is to start with..this is why it is also important to love what you do, if you don’t truly love or have a passion for whatever it is, you simply wont be driven to success. Just follow your heart and go with the flow. Be easy on yourself though…success wont happen over night, and it’s not going to happen if you’re not consistent.


.….So there you have it follow these tips daily and you will be sure to be on your way to success! πŸ™‚Β 

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing | Copyblogger


Have you got your business on facebook yet? Almost every business these days isΒ  jumping on the band wagon, and marketing their business on Facebook…it’s a brilliant way of getting your voice heard, showing off your business and reaching a wider audience.

If you are yet to catch on, but have been considering it…don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here is a brilliant article I have found by copyblogger that gives you the complete run down with with facebook marketing, – from showing just how to get your page started, how to get more people to “like” your page, the best ways to use facebook and how to measure your progress, this answers all those questi0ns and so much more…it will get you posting to facebook, and marketing like a pro in next to no time!

Read the full article here: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing | Copyblogger.

Remember: Be easy on yourself, when your starting out something new. It can be so easy to let yourself get frustrated with so much to learn…just take one step at a time, knowing that each thing you do will reach you higher and closer to your goals. There is no race to be won here, and it’s your very own journey to success…so embrace it and have fun with it! πŸ™‚

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10 Feel Good Thoughts for a Bad Day

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Practical Tips for Productive Living

Katrina White‘s insight:

The one thing I have learnt through life is that we are all matter what shape, colour or religion. And for sufferers of deression or mental illness it can be hard to really understand where you "fit in" in life. Here are some really thoughtful and insightful tips to help you through a bad day. So grab your self a cup of tea, and sit back and have a read… πŸ™‚

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This Brain Part Decides What Goes Viral on Social Media

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The Temporo-Parietal Junction is the area of the brain that gets activated when we’re thinking about how to share something and who to share it with.

Katrina White‘s insight:

If anyone started talking to me about their Temporo-Parietal Junction, I would immediately assume they were talking about some train station that I have never heard of! – This is a really interesting article with great insight to what causes us to share something across social media..I don’t know about you, but I find psychology and this kinda stuff really interesting…take a read…

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Decisions – It’s All A Gut Feeling Kinda Thing…

trust your hunches

It’s that feeling you get in your chest, your chest gets kinda tight, your heart begins to race and it’s almost like you feel like you are having some kinda panic attack….you feel that something is not quite right and it’s just not for you…

I don’t know about you, but I am a big believer in listening to your heart, and going with what your heart says, when it comes to making new decisions, especially fairly big life changing choices.

Now I’m not going to mention any names, but for sometime I have been interested in a business opportunity, and after looking into it, and starting to get the business up and running, I have had a bit of a “This isn’t just for me” moment..I think with any business opportunity you come across, you really have to visualize yourself as being successful living and working the’s a hunger you really need to have to have in your heart to really want to do live it. So, with that said…at least now for me,Β  I have gained an insight to how the business opportunity that I was looking into actually works, realizing that it’s just not the path I want to take, and have a clearer vision of what it actually is that I really want to do.

So, the point of me writing this post, is to reach out to you, and tell you to be easy on yourself, don’t let yourself get caught up in doing something that you just don’t feel like it’s right for you. Listen to your heart, and go with it, do what your heart tells you, and if your heart’s not it, then it’s just not for you.

pursue the things you love doing quote

I think quite a lot of us get caught up in working in a job, simply because you feel you have to, and not because we truly love what we do and we want to, it’s almost how society has molded us to think and be. But now with thanks to social media and technology, it really makes it easier for us to find just what it is that our hearts sing and work a business that really suits you, rather than simply just working because you have to, with your heart not 100% in the job.

If you do ever feel like you have a big decision to make and you’re just not’s a handy little flow chart that might just help…

need to make a decision flow chart

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Social Media Anxiety |


Anxiety…I think it’s something even the best of us all suffer with, from time to time, and wanting something like success so much, can be easy to get yourself carried away with anxiety, perhaps over thinking things, only to end up procrastinating, and not achieving any real results.

Starting out in anything new can be overwhelming with just so much to learn and get your head around, and if you are new to social media, or even if you’re not but you are having trouble getting people to follow you, and no matter how many blog posts or twitter messages you write…no one just seems to be hearing you – it all can be a little discouraging. Be sure to know that you really aren’t alone if you’re feeling this way…we all have to start somewhere, and yes, unfortunately we sometimes (I’m sorry to say, and I mean this in the nicest possible way.. ) can suck at getting started. But it’s actually a good thing..because look at it this way, if we were an instant success, what would we have learnt from?

This is a good little read by Ryan Biddulph with some really simple tips on how to overcome social media anxiety – Social Media Anxiety |

hard work does not hurt us quote

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A Little Overwhelmed? Here Are Some Top Tips To Help…

Hey there awesomness!!

Getting started on something new can be super exciting, but yet at the same time a little overwhelming with so much information right at your fingertips, and not knowing where to start. I’ve experienced this myself, just recently..hence it prompting me to write this post, so I have put together some tips that you can do that should help you get into the groove of things and ease your frustration with getting started on something new.

Tips to overcome that overwhelming feeling of starting out something new….

Join a Facebook group or fan club and connect with people with similar interests.

Join a Google+ Community – there are loads of them, and people enjoy sharing ideas and will love help you out.

Look for tutorials on the internet. – There’s a “tute” (as I like to call them) for just about everything, on YouTube and on the internet.

Keep positive!! – Remind yourself regularly why you are doing this, constantly thinking of your “Why” will help to keep you motivated and pumped to keep going and not throw in the towel because you think it might be all a little too much.

Listen to Podcasts – there are loads of them on the internet and in iTunes. Podcasts are really useful when unsure of what you are doing, and perhaps wanting a little advice, like tutorials, there are stacks of Podcasts on just about any topic you can think of.

Take a browse through Pinterest – Pinterest is a great place to get a little inspired, and perhaps loose yourself just a little while you browse around dream a little!

Have you joined Twitter yet? – if not do so, and search for people with similar interests…e.g if you are starting out in social media marketing, look for twitter users to follow that tweet about social media marketing. I’ve made the majority of my social media friendships through twitter, it really is a good place to connect with like-minded peeps, once you get the hang of how to use it.

Be easy on yourself – know that you don’t have to be an instant success overnight…as much as you might so badly want to, you need to give yourself time to understand your new goal, and some days you might be on a roll and other days you might just feel a little overwhelmed again…what ever your feeling, it’s totally ok, there is no race to the finish line here. Just focus on one thing at a time if you need to, knowing that every little thing you do, will push you even closer to achieving your goals.

you have to believe

….Have I forgotten anything? Perhaps you could add something else, I would truly love to hear from you!

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[Infographic] 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More ReTweets | Dan Zarrella

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Retweeting…Just how do you maximise your reach in twitter by getting your message retweeted? – It’s the question just about everyone on twitter asks. This brilliant infographic by Dan Zarrella explains just how make the most from your posts on twitter…

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