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As a content marketer, one of the biggest challenges you probably face is generating a constant stream of interesting material that engages people. You want your audience to look forward to reading or watching whatever you produce. You want them to be excited about your blog posts, videos, special reports, and eBooks to the point that they can’t help but tell their friends about them.

But it’s not enough to just engage your audience. You need to move them closer to taking the action you want them to take. And that means creating content that is persuasive while being unique, informative, and even entertaining.

It begins with coming up with great ideas. Not one or two, but an endless stream of them. While some folks might leave the task to their muses, I’ll show you a better, more reliable method. Actually, I’ll show you 5 of them. They’ll “fill the…

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How To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain

I have recently discovered Marie Forleo…She is what most of us would really want to be – an inspirational leader and motivator, teaching us just how to live our dreams and follow our heart, and she has her very own T.V show…how awesome!!

In this episode, she talks about how to deal with people that want to pick your brain and ask you a tonne of questions about your business.

She gives you 3 scripts you can use to find out what the ‘asker’ really wants from you…

Script No. 1 – The Spice Girls Script

“My work schedule is full, so coffee is not doable these days. Are you interested in becoming a client, or do you just have a quick question?”

Script No. 2 – Pay Me Mothahumpa!

“I’m not available for lunch, but you should really consider getting my (phone number/email). It’s all of my best thinking in one place, and I created it to help people in your exact situation.”

Script No. 3 – Blame it on Mama

“I have a rule, if I don’t have time to see my mother, I don’t have time to meet new people for coffee. And right now I owe my mama a visit. But seriously, I’m sure we’d have a blast and I hope you’re not insulted, but my work schedule is packed and I’ve gotta pass”

– Now it’s totally up to you if you use or follow these scripts…personally, I don’t fully agree with script No.3, because I love meeting new people. But that’s just my thing.

….So the bottom line is this, at the end of the day if you are in business and you want people to value you your time, YOU have to put a value on it..

“If they want to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and a method of payment”

Now it’s over to you….Do you agree with these scripts, yourself? I would love to hear you thoughts. Thank you so very much for stopping by for the read…love and hugs always…Katrina 🙂 xx

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus


If you are new to Google Plus or if you have been using it for some time, but still don’t quite ‘get it’ here is absolutely everything you need to know to get you posting on Google Plus like a pro!

A complete break down of everything you need to know – from Google Plus circles, to how to what are hashtags, to google hang outs and communities and loads more, this article has it all.

A great read for all… (click on the highlighted text)

Ultimate Guide to Google Plus.

How To Engage Customers With Your Personal Story And Build Your Brand

Inner Fulfillment, Outer Success

People love drama! We senewspapere this love for drama daily as we flip through the channels and see show after show filled with nothing but mindless drama.  But within this endless stream of poor television choices lies a very important message for aspiring life coaches and entrepreneurs. Drama engages people, and we all have our own drama that people also want to be engaged with.

Your personal life story is a marketing tool to attract potential customers like no other tool in your arsenal, because above everything it is highly unique.  Your story is what started your brand, created where you are today and will continue to grow with you.  When you put your story out there, let people see, hear and feel who you are they gain a connection with you and your brand.

I feel very strongly about this concept because it changed my business and personal…

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It All Starts With a Vision…

‘Never say you can’t do something, – The word can’t itself says you CAN!’

It really is amazing the direction your life will take you, when you start with a vision in your mind of where you would like to see yourself within the next 5,10,15, or so years. Whether it’s in your new home, a home of your biggest dreams, – the ones you see and admire as you walk past them on the beach side, or drive by them in the country side..you too, can have that dream, and be living the “dream life” – the life you perhaps once thought would be impossible.

Once you start to embrace a journey of success, you begin to notice things around you change…life suddenly seems really amazing, and you start to realize that nothing is impossible..it really is an incredible feeling.

With the correct tuition, and by teaching others through the magic of social media – via blog posts, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn etc..you have the power to not only change your world but the world of others that follow you…Imagine for a moment, being someone that people look to for advice and inspiration, perhaps even being a famous public figure if you wish, having your own tv talk show even! – It really can happen!….all it takes is a belief that it done, along with the decision to get to work and make it happen!

You would have heard it said before – “Success doesn’t come to you, you have to go to it” – or, “Success doesn’t work unless you do” and, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always have, what you have always had” – These sayings are all so very true, and is just why some people never seem to be able to get out of their comfort zone, and end up getting themselves tied down with the sometimes over-whelming stresses of life and getting by just to make ends meet with their bills piling up. – Not fun!

To be successful, you first have to start thinking success – have a vision, then educate yourself and do whatever it takes to make that dream or vision come true..there is no fast track to success, although if you truly love and embrace what you do, your work will soon become your passion, and you will no longer see your work as a struggle, or something you simply do to pay the bills. Learning, and teaching others will become fun!

The most important key to success is to be consistent, involve your audience and connect with them – don’t always make your work all about you – ask your audience questions, and get them involved…your readers like know that you care and it also builds trust and respect with your readers. Relationship building in social media is ultimately the most important thing to concentrate on when marketing.

Reaching your goals can sometimes become a little over-whelming, so it’s super important to keep a positive mind…don’t put too much pressure on yourself, and just know that with every little step you take will take you closer to achieving your goals. Even if it’s doing just one thing a day to work on your goals, it’s way better than doing nothing!

Get yourself connected with like-minded people in social media, join communities on Google+, and groups on Facebook, and follow like minded people on twitter, and learn from people already successful with what they do, and follow in their footsteps. – Just about every successful internet marketer was once in your shoes, too! Success does not have to be a struggle…there’s loads of help, and advice if you just reach out and ask.

Believing in yourself

…..So here’s to your success, and thank you so very much for stopping by…

Katrina 🙂 xx

New to Blogging? Here’s a Few Tips…

ultimate blogging tips

Blogging is fun! It’s a chance to show off your creativity and personality while reaching out and building relationships with like-minded people.

Here’s some tips I have thought of to keep in mind  and get you on your way to blogging success:

Make it fun! Blogging doesn’t always have to be serious…write about topics you enjoy and are passionate about

Brighten up your posts with images, and make them pin-able to Pinterest if you can. This helps with marketing your post, and is also looks a lot friendlier to the eye, rather than just a whole page of words.

Your posts don’t always have to be long! Just write what you can..you don’t want to risk boring your audience with too many words,  some people tend to switch off if your post seems long and boring, so keep it short and sweet if you have to. – It’s not a test or a essay!

Connect with other bloggers by commenting on posts, and join blogging communities. Buisness2Community and Social Media Examiner are two really great sites to have a look at and get some great tips from.

Try and be consistent with your blogging, and remember – good relati0nships take time to develop, by being consistent with your posts, and engaging with others you have more chance of building your following and getting your posts read by a larger audience.

….And Finally, just have fun with it!! Post some jokes if you want..blogging is about showing off your personality or your brand, so have fun with it!

have fun happy feet

Follow those few tips and before you know it, you will be hooked on blogging…it can be quite contagious! 

To your blogging success!!

with a cheeky smile and big squishy hug, “mrscheeky” Katrina 🙂

Easy Peasy CopyWriting Tips for Absolute Beginners…

Successful copywriting is being able to connect with your readers quickly, easily and profitably. It is a skill that a lot of people are harnessing to get their message across to their readers, in a clear concise way, to prompt your readers’ thoughts, feelings or actions.

Being a successful copywriter means you will be:

Better understood,

Easier to understand,

More influential,

A great leader

I have put together a list of copywriting tips so YOU too, can improve your writing, and get more results –

Listen to your audience, and understand their needs. Know exactly what it is that can help them improve on.

Write as if you are writing to just one person, and imagine that you are talking to them face to face. Get on their level.

Your headline is super important. 80% of your audience won’t read any further than your headline, so make it catchy.

Your personal story is important. It helps people to understand exactly who you are, giving them confidence in you and your brand.

Connect with your readers, and include them in your sales copy by utilizing the word, “YOU” as much as possible.

Make sure your copy reads and flows seamlessly. Each paragraph should flow easily and connect with the previous paragraph.

Be clear and concise about your message, don’t assume your readers’ know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes you need to spell it out for them.

Maintain a consistent tone throughout your copy. Your readers should be able to connect with your copy as a real person.

Make it easy for them. Use simple words, simple sentences and simple paragraphs. Don’t try and impress by using big words. Write your copy so even a 12 year-old could read it.

Using simple two or three word paragraphs is not uncommon in good copywriting.

You only need to write what you need to, to get your story across. Don’t get hung up on word count.

Write to persuade by using short, punchy, as you speak kind of language. Get yourself a copy of a dictionary of slang to help you.

Your very first sentence is crucial. It must always catch your readers’ attention and get them to keep reading.

Your final sentence is just as crucial as your first, it must also compel your reader’s to buy or act.

Write as if you’re having a conversation with someone sitting right next to you.

Tap in to your readers’ emotional buttons. Zone in on your readers’ fear of missing something BIG!

You need to be clear on what EXACTLY you want your readers’ to do. Never assume the reader knows what to do. Tell your readers’ exactly what they need to do, every step of the way, by using words like ‘click here for instant access.’

Play on your guarantee. Your guarantee is quite often your last ‘life line’ – s0 play on it to get your readers’ to act on your word.

If you can, sprinkle testimonials throughout your copy, rather than having all your testimonials together. Although when you get to the stage of having quite a lot of testimonials, you can add a testimonial page to your sales copy.

Write with authority. You want your readers’ to know it has been written by an expert, so write as if you are.

Create a sense of urgency to take action. Give a reason why your readers’ need to act right away.

Anticipate your readers’ questions, and answer them in your copy. Write as if you are face to face with your reader and he/she has questioned you on one of your points.

Use bullet points to hone in on benefits. Bullets are a great way of grabbing attention. Use them under your headline, when describing your offer or product, and in your P.S. (usually at the bottom of the page.)

Every bullet point must have a benefit.

Save a really great benefit as a closer. In your closing, introducing another terrific benefit is a good technique.

Your main benefit should be in your headline. There’s no harm in repeating it a few times throughout your copy.

Let your readers’ know why they should buy from you. Remind them just why they should trust you and make a purchase.

“Dedicated to kicking your butt into action, until you succeed!”

With a big squishy hug!

“MrsCheeky” Katrina White. 🙂

P.S. You are selling a great opportunity or product, and your aim should be to stand out from the crowd with your sales copy. Good or bad copywriting will show with the results. Learn from people with successful copy. Take a look at their work, and how they get their message out.

Here’s a look at some successful copywriting –

10 Companies That Totally Nail Copywriting

Fall In Love With Social Media….

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Janalyn Voigt gives some brilliant tips on how to connect with other writers on LinkedIn, another important social platform that is a must to be included into your social media strategy, helping you reach an even larger audience and target those with a similar interest. Great post, and well worth the read 🙂

WordServe Water Cooler

When deciding where to focus online, most writers veer toward Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Developing a presence at those sites can be a great idea. However, with 250 million users worldwide, LinkedIn carries a clout all its own. Chances are you think of LinkedIn as a network for job seekers, and while it does function in that capacity, it offers other benefits to writers.

Reach Readers

Although LinkedIn’s focus is business-to-business, don’t discount it as an avenue to reach readers. I personally experienced a spike in book sales after putting the word out on LinkedIn about DawnSinger (Tales of Faeraven 1). The link I posted had a lot of shares, which means my network kicked in to help. As members of my network shared my update to their networks, they increased its impact exponentially, creating additional exposure for my book. This is social networking at its best. Just…

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