Im back!!

Yes..I’m back!!

For far too long I have been putting off my posts, I guess I just fell out of routine to posting, but truthfully I have kind of enjoyed a break…but now it’s back to business, and back to my daily routine.

What set me back was a close friend being diagnosed with two large cancerous tumours – one her lungs and the other had attached itself to her spinal cord…but get this – she called me from her hospital bed, only just an hour before she underwent surgery! – She told me she had some bad news and that she was about to undergo 8 hours of extensive surgery… I was shocked! mainly because I had only just caught up with her a week or so earlier, and she seemed ok, although she was complaining of being in slight pain, and she just assumed it was arthritis and was just taking pain killers for it..How wrong her doctor was to just assume without sending her for tests, they could have perhaps gotten to the tumours before they grew so big!

But never mind…she has undergone an intense 6 weeks of radiation treatment, and the true fighter that she is, she is now back on her feet.

It’s great to be back and posting again…I’m looking forward to connecting with you all and reading your stories as well.. 🙂 xo


And a Baby Boy Was Born…


Ok ok…I’m going a little off topic here..but I could’t resist!! 

Whether you’re a royal fan or not, pictures of the gorgeous couple and their newborn boy are everywhere..

The thing I really like about Kate and William is that they are both so relatable to a lot of us, – what  I mean, is that I think that a lot of us can relate to them both, with their friendly, warm and gentle nature. Unlike some famous people, they really are both just down to earth kinda people, and you can bet your life their beautiful new boy will grow up just as adorable as his mum and dad!

Here’s a cute message to Kate & William from Miss Piggy and Kermit….

Wise Words From an Eight Year Old…

wise words from an eight year old

– Pretty wise words, coming from an eight year old!

I think as adults, we complicate things by thinking too much, and too deeply.  – I must admit, I’m a huge culprit! But never the less, sometimes just a good 20 min nap is all we really need to heal. – Try it  when you get a chance.  Lay down, say a quite little prayer, and simply let go, and let God. Whether you have faith or not, just take a deep breath, relax, and let go…Yes I agree it all seems simple, but it really is just that simple!

Let it Go

Thank you so much for stopping by…Do you agree…what are your thoughts?

Love and hugs to you…xo 🙂

Can Music Have The Power To Heal?

….That song will always be one of my favourites, it just ooozes so much happiness, and you can’t help but tap your feet, whistle, and sing along…it just about instantly puts a smile on your face, the moment you start singing to it!

I just love love love LOVE music!! So much goodness comes from listening to your favourite tunes.  I am very blessed to have to the opportunity to listen to my favourite music cranked up loud all day long in my happy little office space, and Music for me, is my motivator and it not only makes me feel totally awesome…but makes me feel so happy to be alive. It takes away my emptiness and fills it with pure joy, and as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to one of my newest albums – Sky Radio Zomer Top 101 Hits 2012  – it’s jam packed with great songs, a lot of them sound Latin, but I think that there’s something kinda sexy about Latin music…it makes you just wanna groove!

Anyway I wanted to ask the question, Can music really have the power to heal?

Well I think so, to a certain degree at least. As a sufferer of depression since I was very young, and feeling very isolated, lonely and confused, always wondering why I had no friends, I always managed to be able to cheer myself up with music, no matter how crappy and unhappy I felt, I would play my favourite music all day long if I could, and dance away to it. I remember getting my very first job and saving every single penny to by my own stereo…which looking back on it, I am forever grateful to my gorgeous parents for putting up me listening to my favourite music, which was pretty much anything that put me in a good mood, and made me wanna dance! – Pitty for them, they weren’t into the same sort of music, but bless their sweet hearts, they put up with it!

I think music has the ability to take you to your own happy place…what do you think, and do you think it has the power to heal?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read….you are truly awesome….don’t ever forget it!! xx 🙂

The 43 Habits of Absolutely Happy People – AKA the Happiness Manifesto – The Start of Happiness

From choosing to wake up each and every morning happy, to understanding what your passions are and living them, this post by Brendan creator and author of The Start of Happiness boasts nothing but pure joy and happiness to brighten your day!  –  Have a read…. 🙂

The 43 Habits of Absolutely Happy People – AKA the Happiness Manifesto – The Start of Happiness.


Moving on After Tragedy…

Today is a sad day for a lot of people. It’s the day after the terrible and shocking tragedy of the Boston Bombings. Feeling safely tucked in my home here in Australia, I am still deeply touched and very hurt by the horrible news. It’s even hard for me to even comprehend just how anyone could be so totally insane and selfish to have the thought of wanting to do such a horrific act in the first place!

The aftermath of such a horrific disaster can be heart breaking and numbing, and you are probably even wondering what is this world coming to! It’s coming close to almost every day you hear of a shooting or a stabbing somewhere. The world seems to be filled with so much hatred and it’s sad, it really is.

People and events like this should not have to make us feel like we are living in fear of living our lives, and we all should feel free to go anywhere we like without any fear of harm but these days, it seems so much safer to lock yourself in your cosy home…even then you hear of drive by shootings into innocent people’s homes…it’s just so wrong and this world is really becoming a scary place.

So how do you move on after such a horrible disaster?  I have put together a list of a few things you can do to help put your mind at ease and feel even a little brighter….

  • Stay in touch with loved ones and friends – They are probably feeling the pain just like you, and it’s good to have a shoulder to lean on, in times like these.
  • Play your favourite music! – I love music, as a suffer of depression myself, I can’t go a day of being at home by myself without listening to my favourite music. It lifts your mood and really takes away that loneliness.
  • Turn off the telly!! – I say this, because all you are most likely to hear are more negative news stories that will only take you back to your feelings of yesterday, and make you feel like crap!
  • Take your pet for a walk (if you have one) – if you don’t just take yourself! – Walking is great exercise, and makes you feel great too!
  • Watch a funny movie – We all love a good old laugh! Release those happy endorphins, and laugh ’till your belly hurts, – it’s the best feeling ever!!

Know that it is ok to feel what you feel, let yourself have a good cry if you need to, it’s totally OK! Also know that you’re not alone, so reach out to your friends and family, give them a friendly phone call to see how they’re doing, it will brighten their day to hear your voice!

Life’s too short to spend it worrying…go out and live life…give your problems to God and let him deal with them!

nothing is permanent quote

I hope this list of things helps….sending you my love and hugs  xxx

Girls, Are You Single on Valentine’s Day? – Go out and Celebrate it!!

freedom lady

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – the day that florist’s love, – stocking up with dozens of bunches of roses, and where ever you seem to go, there’s something to remind you that it’s Valentine’s Day…and you’re single, and it can feel like a huge slap in the face!

Well, rest assured, knowing you’re not alone…and why not celebrate it!

Here are a few things you can do, to celebrate YOU!!

Pamper yourself – why not relax while you have a pedicure, a massage or  a facial, and then treat yourself to lunch or dinner..

 – Soak yourself in a nice warm relaxing bath, with your favorite book, a glass of bubbly and of course, some chocolate!!

– Hit the bars or clubs and why not just live it up! – and being V-day, there’s a good chance there will be a few single guys there!

– Stay in and indulge in some hot eye candy with a movie marathon with some take away, some chocolate, your fav ice-cream and   some bubbly…

– Go out for  a nice dinner with a few of your single girlfriends…

 – And remember – being single isn’t the end of the world, – it’s just a day card companies and florists cash in on! – yeah, it has a historical meaning, but that’s irrelevant for now, you just need to focus on celebrating you!

….So what are you waiting for??…..go on and celebrate!!

Celebrate clip art