Introducing the ‘Real – Life’ Barbie and Ken…

real life barbie & ken

real life barbie images

real life Ken images

Well, love them or loathe them…these two, Valeria Lukyanova & Justin Jedlica have taken plastic surgery to the extremes to make themselves look like Barbie & Ken and funny enough, they meet for the first time and can’t stand the sight of each other!

Read the full article here via UK Daily Mail online –  and see the clip on YouTube here –

What are your thoughts – do you like there look, or think they have taken plastic surgery too far?


[#CuteAlert] Puppy Christmas – YouTube

Puppy Christmas – YouTube.[#CuteAlert]

Just sharing this quick and extremely cute clip, to spread a little love and Christmas cheer, coming close to Christmas..

Sit back and enjoy…with my warmest wishes for the festive season! xo

christmas puppy

New Blog Post: Biology of a Hangover + Infographic

It’s the morning after your big night out, for me it’s the morning after a big day of  lashing out on a few bets on the Melbourne Cup, and indulging in perhaps a few too many glasses of gorgeous bubbly..arrgghh why does partying have to be so painful the day after?!!  – Perhaps I should’ve drunk a few glasses of water in between drinks..

We all at one time or another experience the dreaded, and yet ever annoying hang-over…some of us a few more times than others..!!


Here’s the Biology of a Hangover in a cute infographic ……


Melbourne Cup Winners #Infographic via Sports Bet

Yes, it’s that time again, the day when us ladies frock up in our best dress, and the guys in their best suits..a day of glam, loads of flowing bubbly, and top beer for the guys. It’s the day that we have a flutter, and lash out with a a bet or two, or maybe three, on the great horse race that stops the nation…The Melbourne Cup!
I’ve made my selection and placed my bets and all set for the big day, with my money on the favorites to win!!

So Here’s to a great day and Good Luck to you all, hoping you all pick the winner!!

Here’s an infographic of a Brief History of the Melbourne Cup….

Good Luck to you all..Hope you all pick the Winner!


I am sad…I am angry.  Not for myself but for all the innocent victims that have suffered from bullying, depression, and ridicule.  I had my morning coffee while reading some news articles this morning.  Normally I do not like to read, listen, or watch the news.  Because for the majority, the stories are sad and negative.  They either contain crime, death, poverty, fire, loss, theft, etc.  Stories that bring us all down.  There was one story that really got to me…probably because I worked with children/teens in these scenarios before and probably because I know how it feels to be alone, desperate, sad, and angry.  This is a story about a teen who was on the receiving end of bullying and could not escape from it.  But ultimately, she did find a way.  This is a video she posted a month prior to committing suicide.  God bless her soul.

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Do You Truly Enjoy What You Do?

Do you wake up in the mornings beaming and eager to start work?

Like a lot of people, you have probably answered “no” and  I’m guessing you could be feeling like work’s just a part of life to help pay the bills and get you by. I personally love what I do, and  I believe and have heard it said that real success comes from loving what you do and your work shouldn’t have to be boring. I also believe you get what out of your work what you put into it. Yeah life can be tough and a struggle at times, but those are the times to keep positive, and powering on towards your goals, whether it be planning a holiday or to buy a new car, what ever it may be, keeping that vision strong, having faith, believing  in yourself, genuinely enjoying and loving what you’re doing can and will help you to succeed.

Now I’m not going to rave on about  the importance of enjoying what you do..only just to leave you with this great quote from Steve Jobs… 🙂

Hey there Cheeky Followers!

Hey there all you Cheeky Followers! 🙂
As you have probably noticed , I’m fairly new to blogging but enjoying every moment of it…it’s addictive I must say!! I am surprised and overwhelmed with how much info there is out there on Blogging and people willing to share tips and tricks to get your blog looking top-notch, boosting traffic to your site. Social Media Marketing is really the bomb!! I can’t rave on enough of how great I really think is…(almost every post of mine,  says how much I like it)

I will be re-blogging social marketing tips and tricks, as well as a bit of fun stuff  and throw in a few jokes here and there..after all, you gotta have some fun while you’re at work!!

I really love the fact that we all can learn from one and other, in social media, by either re-tweeting on Twitter, Liking and Sharing on Facebook, re-blogging on WordPress and so on, in many other social media platforms, it’s just brilliant!

I welcome any comments on my posts, and am looking forward to becoming a better blogger, following you all and reading your posts too!

Have a Cheeky day!! 🙂

Katrina xx