Can Music Have The Power To Heal?

….That song will always be one of my favourites, it just ooozes so much happiness, and you can’t help but tap your feet, whistle, and sing along…it just about instantly puts a smile on your face, the moment you start singing to it!

I just love love love LOVE music!! So much goodness comes from listening to your favourite tunes.  I am very blessed to have to the opportunity to listen to my favourite music cranked up loud all day long in my happy little office space, and Music for me, is my motivator and it not only makes me feel totally awesome…but makes me feel so happy to be alive. It takes away my emptiness and fills it with pure joy, and as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to one of my newest albums – Sky Radio Zomer Top 101 Hits 2012  – it’s jam packed with great songs, a lot of them sound Latin, but I think that there’s something kinda sexy about Latin music…it makes you just wanna groove!

Anyway I wanted to ask the question, Can music really have the power to heal?

Well I think so, to a certain degree at least. As a sufferer of depression since I was very young, and feeling very isolated, lonely and confused, always wondering why I had no friends, I always managed to be able to cheer myself up with music, no matter how crappy and unhappy I felt, I would play my favourite music all day long if I could, and dance away to it. I remember getting my very first job and saving every single penny to by my own stereo…which looking back on it, I am forever grateful to my gorgeous parents for putting up me listening to my favourite music, which was pretty much anything that put me in a good mood, and made me wanna dance! – Pitty for them, they weren’t into the same sort of music, but bless their sweet hearts, they put up with it!

I think music has the ability to take you to your own happy place…what do you think, and do you think it has the power to heal?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read….you are truly awesome….don’t ever forget it!! xx 🙂