Practice Makes Perfect..So They Say

practice makes perfect

A good ol’ dose of practicing and a whole heap of perseverance is what you need for blogging I think, especially if you’re a newbie to it all, like I am. Sometimes I just get so stuck for ideas to write about that it puts me off blogging, but I certainly aren’t gonna get myself, or my blog anywhere if I avoid blogging all together. I think the best way to deal with my blogging issue is just to simply to do it! So I’m having a good crack at it ,writing pretty much what ever is on my mind, while doing my research to find out what topics are trending in social media.

The thing I like so much about blogging is the fact that it can just about done anywhere, and also gives you the ability to create your own community, widen your social media connections and even make a few good friends along the way!

With social media the way I think to get yourself noticed is not only to persevere with your posts hoping people will follow you, but to join in the conversation, in what ever it is that takes your interest – after all, it’s called social media for a reason.

Here is an info-graphic I have found via Zintro –  It explains just how much practice we need to be perfect – 10,000 hours to be exact – So I better get a crack on with my blogging then, hey!


I look forward to all the feedback I can possibly get, so I can perhaps even learn a few tips, and hope you all can bare with me, as I’m feeling a tad rusty starting out with my blogs, and I truly appreciate all the feedback I get! 🙂  xo

What are your thoughts?  – What inspires you to write, and how often do you think you should write?

#Depression – Sometimes I Feel Like a Sad Lonely Puppy…


Loneliness. It’s horrible, it can swallow you up and make you feel so alone. I was thinking these thoughts and thought just what it must feel like for a poor lonely animal, that never gets the attention or love it so badly cries out for, and if you’re an animal lover like I am, you’ll understand exactly just what I mean.

I would like to think of myself as a loving person and I enjoy making new friends, but what really breaks my heart is when the people in my life that I care about so much seem to ignore me. I think ignorance is one of the most hurtful things, and by knowing just how much it hurts to feel ignored, I always make a point of returning messages and emails as soon as I get them – after all I think it’s common courtesy, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts…I would love to hear from you! x 

Just What does Thanksgiving mean to You? #HappyThanksgiving

Sadly, here in Oz we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I have always wished we did. Thanksgiving to me really kicks off the festive season, bringing families and friends together, giving us all a time to reflect and appreciate the good things that the year has brought to us all, and not to mention the super-delicious turkey for dinner!!  I have never quite understood just why us Aussies don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I have always thought that it was just an American thing. It’s disappointing really that we don’t celebrate it.

Anyways,  I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all, (since it’s the time of thanksgiving) for your support and and stopping by to read my posts. I am still feeling only fairly new to blogging, and am hoping that my blogs can be as popular and widely read as the best of them!  –  but as they say, practice makes perfect!  You all mean so much to me, and your comments and thoughts to my posts are always greatly appreciated. 🙂

So now it’s  over to you, and your turn. I would love to hear your thoughts on what Thanksgiving means to you, and how you might be celebrating it.

Thank you again, for stopping by, hope you continue to enjoy reading my posts, and I truly wish you all a very, very happy Thanksgiving! xx

New Blog Post: The Loneliness Trap

Hi there lovely’s!
If you know of anyone suffering from depression or you have depression yourself…you will most likely know all about  just how empty and alone it feels when you’re having those moments of loneliness. It really is horrible, you can feel so very alone, and you might even think to yourself “what is wrong with me, why don’t I have many friends?” You see, like depression, loneliness can be a vicious cycle..starting from feeling lonely, to being depressed, feeling threatened by people, then isolating yourself from the world, having no social or emotional connections with people, and back to the horrid feeling of loneliness.

Knowing and realizing you have these thoughts is a big step in understanding your feelings, and then knowing that they are all only negative thoughts and words, you can change your way of thinking to then realising that you really are an amazing person, with so many great qualities, and your friends and family are all only a phone call, email or text away, – so get busy and start by saying hi! – trust me, you really will be amazed at how great you feel after making that call 🙂

The reason I have written about this is because I have suffered myself from these really silly and negative thoughts, and it really gets you nowhere…just in a place of sadness and loneliness. And the more you isolate yourself from the world, the worse the feeling gets, and plus how are are your friends meant to know you are thinking about them if you don’t let them know? or if even if you haven’t been thinking of them and you are just down and sad, they can’t help you if you don’t let them into your wold and know how you are feeling – after all, that’s what friends are for! 🙂