6 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Blog Today (if you haven’t already)


Blogging is so much fun!!!

Here are just a few reasons why blogging is so great, and why you need to start a blog, today…if you haven’t already:

  • Connect with others and create friendships
  • Build a community of like minded friends, all sharing similar interests and stories
  • Raise awareness of your company/brand/business
  • Inspire, empower and motivate others
  • Build your confidence and improve your writing skills
  • Start a conversation

– See just why I love blogging so much!! – What more can you add to the list?

Cute I love blogging


…..Thanks so much for stopping by! xx

#Depression – Sometimes I Feel Like a Sad Lonely Puppy…


Loneliness. It’s horrible, it can swallow you up and make you feel so alone. I was thinking these thoughts and thought just what it must feel like for a poor lonely animal, that never gets the attention or love it so badly cries out for, and if you’re an animal lover like I am, you’ll understand exactly just what I mean.

I would like to think of myself as a loving person and I enjoy making new friends, but what really breaks my heart is when the people in my life that I care about so much seem to ignore me. I think ignorance is one of the most hurtful things, and by knowing just how much it hurts to feel ignored, I always make a point of returning messages and emails as soon as I get them – after all I think it’s common courtesy, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts…I would love to hear from you! x