How to Focus On Those ‘Cloudy Days’


Ever had days when your head is just so clouded with stuff, that you just can’t seem to focus and no matter how many cups of tea of coffee you have, you just can’t think straight??Ā  – Well if you’re human, you probably have!! (I think it’s only human, that we have those days, occasionally.)

Here are a few tips that might just help you focus a little better on those ‘cloudy days’

Cut out Distractions – Stop and have a look around and think about what could be distracting you, is the tv, or radio on in the background?Ā  I tend to like having my favorite music on in the background, while I work, although sometimes it can be a distraction, and I tend not to get much work done, think for a minute, what might be possibly distracting you and simply remove yourself from it while you work.

Make a list – Writing a ‘to-do’ list can help you focus and think about what you want to achieve in the day, and can help remind you of what needs to get done. The same can be said for with your blog, think of a few blog topics, or posts you would like to write about and list them, I have a fairly long list of ideas for my blog posts, that I often think about when I’m not in front of my laptop, that I keep with me,Ā  in a handy list on my mobile phone.

Stay organized – Is the room you’re working in, a little untidy?Ā  IĀ  personally find that I can’t seem to think straight, if the area around where I am working is untidy, and I know that there’s a mountain of house work to be done. But we are all different, with different levels of concentration, so for me, I prefer to work in a tidy workspace, but you might find it comfortable. Do what ever chores that need to get done, and get them out the road.

Ā Take a break – MakeĀ  yourself a cuppa tea or coffee and relax for 5 minutes or so. – It might just be what you need!

Set a side a time to write – This is a great idea to do, to get yourself into a routine of getting your blog posting done, so you won’t find yourself stuck in front of the computer all day.

Get up and move – Go for a 15-20 min walk or just simply have a good stretch and walk around…sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re not in front of the computer.

Know your limits – Some days, your head just might not be in it at all, no matter how hard you try…be easy on yourself!

Have some fun! – Who ever said that blogging had to always be serious? – have some fun with it, search the internet for some fun and interesting blog ideas, be creative…it’s not going to hurt to go a little off topic every now and then, and it gives your readers a little insight into your personality!

Do you agree? what helps you get by on those ‘cloudy days’?Ā Ā 

Do You Truly Enjoy What You Do?

Do you wake up in the mornings beaming and eager to start work?

Like a lot of people, you have probably answered “no” andĀ  I’m guessing you could be feeling like work’s just a part of life to help pay the bills and get you by. I personally love what I do, andĀ  I believe and have heard it said that real success comes from loving what you do and your work shouldn’t have to be boring. I also believe you get what out of your work what you put into it. Yeah life can be tough and a struggle at times, but those are the times to keep positive, and powering on towards your goals, whether it be planning a holiday or to buy a new car, what ever it may be, keeping that vision strong, having faith, believingĀ  in yourself, genuinely enjoying and loving what you’re doing can and will help you to succeed.

Now I’m not going to rave on aboutĀ  the importance of enjoying what you do..only just to leave you with this great quote from Steve Jobs… šŸ™‚