Short inspirational video – The Real You by Alan Watts

Brilliant short video by Alan Watts.

The real you is not a puppet in which life pushes around. The real you, deep down you, is the whole universe”. ~ Alan Watts. 

I, myself am a firm believer in that we are all one, no matter what skin we are in, and you, yourself have the power to pull the strings in which way you want your life to pull you, and we are not all puppets. I like to live by the saying, “the world is your oyster” – and the possibilities for us all are truly endless. – What is it that you truly want from life? What inspires you, and makes you really beam with excitement, the moment you even think about doing it? – What ever it is…keep doing it, and if you’re not already doing what you truly love and following your heart’s truest desires…What are you waiting for?? – Start now!  – Life shouldn’t be a struggle no matter what your situation is..there is always a way of turning a bad situation around. Focus on the good, not the bad, if you feel life is bad or you feel like you are in a bad situation, have a good think about what exactly that situation has taught you..and thank the universe for that lesson. None of us are perfect, and lessons are to be learnt in every single day…that’s just the joy of life!

– Do you agree?  I truly appreciate you stopping by, Love and peace to you all. Katrina xx 🙂 

10 Actions that Always Bring Happiness (via @marcandangel)

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The very popular and super inspiring blog by Marc and Angel never ceases to amaze me. Their posts will always uplift you no matter what mood you’re in and make you feel great.

In this post by Marc, he talks about the super importance of starting the day good by making yourself feel great. He reminds us to appreciate all that we have, focus on the things that truly matter, embrace life’s challenges, limit your time with negative people, set a good example, and accept what is, for the possibilities that lie ahead.

It’s a great post to reflect upon if you’re having a bit of a dull day, or you just feel you need a little inspiration. Read the full post here: (click on the link) 10 Actions that Always Bring Happiness.

5 Rules of Happiness

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Start a Blog Today (if you haven’t already)


Blogging is so much fun!!!

Here are just a few reasons why blogging is so great, and why you need to start a blog, today…if you haven’t already:

  • Connect with others and create friendships
  • Build a community of like minded friends, all sharing similar interests and stories
  • Raise awareness of your company/brand/business
  • Inspire, empower and motivate others
  • Build your confidence and improve your writing skills
  • Start a conversation

– See just why I love blogging so much!! – What more can you add to the list?

Cute I love blogging


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Blogging Success: How to Create Content People Love | Social Media Examiner

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Blogging! – How do you write a really great post that not only gets read by thousands, but inspires your readers to spread the word?

With blogging being so popular, how do you get your posts to stand out from the crowd, and not get lost amongst the hundreds of other great posts out there?

Blogging gives us all a voice, and we all want to be heard, but it can be so easy for your post to go unread and unnoticed amongst the crowd. – So, what do you do, to stand out and be heard?

I strongly believe in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) theory, and keeping all posts simple and easy to read, with a couple of photos thrown in, – photos not only add color, but add insight into your post as well.

So where do all the really great ideas for you posts come from? And how to you inspire your readers to comment on your posts and pass your post on to their followers? Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner interviews popular blogger, Michael Hyatt in a podcast, answering all these questions and more. It’s a really great interview, and be sure to have a pen and paper handy to take some notes.

Click on the highlighted text to take you to the post by Michael Stelzner.

Blogging Success: How to Create Content People Love | Social Media Examiner.

Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner