New Blog Post: The Loneliness Trap

Hi there lovely’s!
If you know of anyone suffering from depression or you have depression yourself…you will most likely know all about  just how empty and alone it feels when you’re having those moments of loneliness. It really is horrible, you can feel so very alone, and you might even think to yourself “what is wrong with me, why don’t I have many friends?” You see, like depression, loneliness can be a vicious cycle..starting from feeling lonely, to being depressed, feeling threatened by people, then isolating yourself from the world, having no social or emotional connections with people, and back to the horrid feeling of loneliness.

Knowing and realizing you have these thoughts is a big step in understanding your feelings, and then knowing that they are all only negative thoughts and words, you can change your way of thinking to then realising that you really are an amazing person, with so many great qualities, and your friends and family are all only a phone call, email or text away, – so get busy and start by saying hi! – trust me, you really will be amazed at how great you feel after making that call 🙂

The reason I have written about this is because I have suffered myself from these really silly and negative thoughts, and it really gets you nowhere…just in a place of sadness and loneliness. And the more you isolate yourself from the world, the worse the feeling gets, and plus how are are your friends meant to know you are thinking about them if you don’t let them know? or if even if you haven’t been thinking of them and you are just down and sad, they can’t help you if you don’t let them into your wold and know how you are feeling – after all, that’s what friends are for! 🙂

Taking a Look at Depression [#Infographic] – It’s not Just a Word

Hey there lovely’s! Like a lot of you out there, I have lived with depression since I was young, and don’t mind talking about it because I think creating more of an awareness of depression is not only good for me, but for other sufferers as well, while it also helps for non sufferers to gain more of an awareness of it and to realize that it’s not just a word, like a lot of people that don’t understand it, might think.

I have a huge love for people, and enjoy building new friendships, but like a lot of depression sufferers I have my ‘down days’ – days where I feel very alone, lost and just simply unhappy with myself. But knowing I think that way, and have those thoughts,  I then think to myself and realize that they are all just simply nothing more than negative words and once you start thinking in a negative way, it all kind of spirals out of control with one negative thought leading to another..not a good or happy state to be in 😦 .

The way I like to get by on my ‘down days’ is by keeping myself busy, and with so many amazing social media platforms out there, there are tonnes of ways to take your mind off your problems,  and if you follow me on twitter, you’ ll see that I love interacting with others and enjoy retweeting all kinds of fun and interesting tweets, – not only does it stop me from thinking negative thoughts, I find it an awesome platform for meeting some really interesting people, while learning tonnes of new stuff. Social Media really is amazing!  🙂 .

Here is an infographic I have found that gives a bit of an insight into depression:

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, and if you are like me and are dealing or coping with depression, remember – negative thoughts or feelings are nothing more than negative words…and YOU have the power to stop them! 🙂