Practice Makes Perfect..So They Say

practice makes perfect

A good ol’ dose of practicing and a whole heap of perseverance is what you need for blogging I think, especially if you’re a newbie to it all, like I am. Sometimes I just get so stuck for ideas to write about that it puts me off blogging, but I certainly aren’t gonna get myself, or my blog anywhere if I avoid blogging all together. I think the best way to deal with my blogging issue is just to simply to do it! So I’m having a good crack at it ,writing pretty much what ever is on my mind, while doing my research to find out what topics are trending in social media.

The thing I like so much about blogging is the fact that it can just about done anywhere, and also gives you the ability to create your own community, widen your social media connections and even make a few good friends along the way!

With social media the way I think to get yourself noticed is not only to persevere with your posts hoping people will follow you, but to join in the conversation, in what ever it is that takes your interest – after all, it’s called social media for a reason.

Here is an info-graphic I have found via Zintro –  It explains just how much practice we need to be perfect – 10,000 hours to be exact – So I better get a crack on with my blogging then, hey!


I look forward to all the feedback I can possibly get, so I can perhaps even learn a few tips, and hope you all can bare with me, as I’m feeling a tad rusty starting out with my blogs, and I truly appreciate all the feedback I get! 🙂  xo

What are your thoughts?  – What inspires you to write, and how often do you think you should write?

My Advice to You on Social Media

How good is Social Media these days! – Just about gone are the days before any social media platforms where even thought of, and business relied upon advertising through countless advertising in newspapers, magazines and flyers..and the incredibly magic part of social media advertising is, it’s visible to thousands of people world wide, in an instant it’s posted. But it goes without saying, like what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet. – It’s more than wise to check and even double check your post before you click “send” and always be aware of the fact that anything you say on the Internet can and may reach the wrong audience, therefore ending up with a backlash of “trolls” – trolls are people that can’t hold themselves back from disapproving with what you may have said and hitting back at you with a string of nasty comments.

So my advice to you if you are a “newbie” to social media, – keep your posts happy and positive, read your post and double check it before clicking “send” and be aware of the “trolls” and remember, just like what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, so does what happens on the Internet, once it’s posted, it’s up there for good. 🙂