Stop letting your dreams just be dreams!!

what are you waiting for

When you first set out to chase a dream, the path can seem very long, and almost impossible. For me, when I start having my doubts, (we all have them, at sometime or another) I like to think to myself that nothing is impossible, because the word itself says I’m possible!

Here are some tips to keep in mind and help you keep on track to following your goals and dreams –

Have a think of your ‘Why’ – Why is this dream of yours that you so badly want to turn into reality so important to you?

Success is only earned by doing what you love, and loving what you do – are you truly loving what you’re doing? If not, then find something that you do truly enjoy and want to become better at, and go for it!!

Sitting around procrastinating wont get you any closer to your dream – go and get busy!

Get inspired! – See what your influencers are up to, read their latest posts, – Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube,  are all great places to find inspiration.

Visualize and see yourself living your dream – No matter how big your dream is, keep your eyes always fully focused on that dream! – Whether it’s a new house, or to pay off the home loan you might have, visualize and know in your heart that you will do anything to see it’s like keeping a promise to yourself and sticking to it. Think of how good it will feel to have achieved that special goal…pretty amazing huh?!!

Every small step you take will take you one step closer to your goal – You most likely will have days that you feel like giving up, and days when you just could not be bothered…don’t lose hope!! keep your eyes firmly focused on your goal, knowing that the hard work you do now, will be rewarded!!! – Rewards don’t come to those who sit around and do nothing.

Be patient – No dream or goal ever happens overnight. Know that every effort you make no matter how big or small…will pay off eventually!

Be persistent – Keep doing what you love, every single day!! make it a habbit.

Persevere – Know that you will most likely have set backs, and things that might seem like they are getting in the road of following your goal, but don’t let those little set backs hold you back, keep believing in yourself, keep a positive mind, do whatever it takes to keep yourself from thinking negatively.

And…no matter what –

keep calm and keep believing

Thank you so very much for stopping by and having a read….you are truly AWESOME…and I hope you found these few tips helpful.

Love and hugs to you….and KEEP BELIEVING!!  xx  🙂 

#BloggingTip – Keep Calm and Power On!

“The Road to success is dotted with many parking places” – Author Unknown.

If you’re just starting out blogging, or even if you’re a bit of an expert at blogging, you would have had many late nights, constantly thinking about your blog, thinking of what to write about next. – yes??

Well, like a lot of you…I’m only just starting out with my blog posts, – and loving it too, by the way!! But I seem to be having quite a few of those anxious nights, where I can’t sleep, and am constantly thinking of new blog post ideas. – It’s almost as if I have a “blogging virus” – I can spend hours at night sometimes, thinking about what to write about, ways of connecting with people and expanding my community of readers.

You see, I think I am a bit of a social butterfly..and love connecting with people…that’s just what makes me enjoy social media so much. Since I really love it so much, it only just makes sense to me, to make a career from it if I can, and I know that success won’t happen over night, and I’m not going to let the really sleepy days after a night with no sleep, drag me down! I’m sticking to my guns and powering on….because, to be quite honest, I really couldn’t imagine myself doing and loving anything else, as much as I love writing my blogs and interacting with people in social media…it almost feels like I was born to do it!

My posts might seem a little short, but I’m sure with time and the more I write, the words will simply just flow…but at the same token, I’m not a huge fan of long blog posts, sometimes it just seems like the writer is just rambling, to fill up their post with words so it looks appealing. – You can beg to differ if you like, but it’s just how I feel.

I think with blogging becoming more and more popular, your blog not only has to look appealing with bright and colourful images, – content in posts, plays a huge part in catching the reader’s eye, but you really only have (in my opinion) roughly about 10-15 seconds to grab the readers attention with your post, so how you write and what you write is just as important (or if not more) of catching the reader’s attention.

Now, I feel like I’m starting to ramble…so over to you….what are your thoughts? and I hope you’ve enjoyed my post 🙂  xo

Practice Makes Perfect..So They Say

practice makes perfect

A good ol’ dose of practicing and a whole heap of perseverance is what you need for blogging I think, especially if you’re a newbie to it all, like I am. Sometimes I just get so stuck for ideas to write about that it puts me off blogging, but I certainly aren’t gonna get myself, or my blog anywhere if I avoid blogging all together. I think the best way to deal with my blogging issue is just to simply to do it! So I’m having a good crack at it ,writing pretty much what ever is on my mind, while doing my research to find out what topics are trending in social media.

The thing I like so much about blogging is the fact that it can just about done anywhere, and also gives you the ability to create your own community, widen your social media connections and even make a few good friends along the way!

With social media the way I think to get yourself noticed is not only to persevere with your posts hoping people will follow you, but to join in the conversation, in what ever it is that takes your interest – after all, it’s called social media for a reason.

Here is an info-graphic I have found via Zintro –  It explains just how much practice we need to be perfect – 10,000 hours to be exact – So I better get a crack on with my blogging then, hey!


I look forward to all the feedback I can possibly get, so I can perhaps even learn a few tips, and hope you all can bare with me, as I’m feeling a tad rusty starting out with my blogs, and I truly appreciate all the feedback I get! 🙂  xo

What are your thoughts?  – What inspires you to write, and how often do you think you should write?