Why Not Blog?

Blogging!! – It’s yet an another awesome way to get your word out and have the chance to be heard, whilst gaining an even wider audience, and building connections with others.  There really is so many great reasons to blog. It builds a foundation for your business – letting people know who you are, and what you do.

The thing I really enjoy with blogging is that it gives me more opportunity to create an even greater connection with people. I really think the number one priority with any social media platform is to always remember to keep it social, focusing on building your online presence and relationships with others – after all,  your readers and the people you can connect with are the ones who will either love or hate what you do, either way, it’s all about building your online reputation and audience.

You can write/blog just about anything…but if your main goal is to gain more followers and reach a bigger audience, my advice is to ask yourself these few questions before you publish your post – “Is this information relevant?” “What type of audience do I want to reach?” and  “Will anyone actually read this?”  thinking about those few questions, and keeping them in mind, will help keep you on track with your blogging but remember, blogging isn’t magic – it’s just yet another way of being heard by others, and the more you get your word out, the more chance you have of connecting with a wider audience!

Happy blogging..I hope you enjoy my tips, and advice…and remember – the greatest thing about social media is keeping it social and building trust and relationships with others!





Twitter Tips – How often Should You Tweet?

With so many awesome people out there sharing loads of really useful information, it’s easy to get carried away retweeting, and spreading the word. Don’t get me wrong though, I think re-tweeting on twitter is awesome and is a really great way of getting your word out there, it’s kinda like chinese whispers via the internet!

But my question to you is this – how often do you think is ok to tweet, or re-tweet? The thing is,  you don’t want to be bombarding all your followers with so many tweets that your message just ends up getting lost amongst the hundreds of other tweets out there, and not being read. What’s your twitter game plan, if you have one? How often do you post messages yourself? I wanted to raise this question, since I am gaining more and more awesome followers every day, and find twitter a really amazing social media platform to learn from, with so many people tweeting some really useful information, and have been getting concerned that I may be getting a tad carried away posting or re-tweeting as often as I have been.

What are your thoughts? What do you think is the appropriate amount of time per day to spend on twitter? How often do you think is ok to tweet, or re-tweet? Your comments would be greatly appreciated… 🙂