The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing | Copyblogger


Have you got your business on facebook yet? Almost every business these days is  jumping on the band wagon, and marketing their business on Facebook…it’s a brilliant way of getting your voice heard, showing off your business and reaching a wider audience.

If you are yet to catch on, but have been considering it…don’t worry, you’re not alone! Here is a brilliant article I have found by copyblogger that gives you the complete run down with with facebook marketing, – from showing just how to get your page started, how to get more people to “like” your page, the best ways to use facebook and how to measure your progress, this answers all those questi0ns and so much more…it will get you posting to facebook, and marketing like a pro in next to no time!

Read the full article here: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing | Copyblogger.

Remember: Be easy on yourself, when your starting out something new. It can be so easy to let yourself get frustrated with so much to learn…just take one step at a time, knowing that each thing you do will reach you higher and closer to your goals. There is no race to be won here, and it’s your very own journey to success…so embrace it and have fun with it! 🙂

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Social Media Anxiety |


Anxiety…I think it’s something even the best of us all suffer with, from time to time, and wanting something like success so much, can be easy to get yourself carried away with anxiety, perhaps over thinking things, only to end up procrastinating, and not achieving any real results.

Starting out in anything new can be overwhelming with just so much to learn and get your head around, and if you are new to social media, or even if you’re not but you are having trouble getting people to follow you, and no matter how many blog posts or twitter messages you write…no one just seems to be hearing you – it all can be a little discouraging. Be sure to know that you really aren’t alone if you’re feeling this way…we all have to start somewhere, and yes, unfortunately we sometimes (I’m sorry to say, and I mean this in the nicest possible way.. ) can suck at getting started. But it’s actually a good thing..because look at it this way, if we were an instant success, what would we have learnt from?

This is a good little read by Ryan Biddulph with some really simple tips on how to overcome social media anxiety – Social Media Anxiety |

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The 7 Elements of Smart Content #infographic

Content marketing is all the rage right now, and with so many people all following suite and pumping out great content, how do you make sure your content gets seen and not lost amongst the crowd?

This cute infographic by Patricia Redsicker points out 7 fairly simple things to remember with your content..Another goody to print out and keep handy!


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Fall In Love With Social Media….

….simple tips to help you with you social media strategy. Make it a daily habit to follow these simple tips. And Remember, social media is about creating relationships by connecting and engaging with your audience.. 🙂 ‘Success won’t work unless … Continue reading

Surprisingly Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog and Promote Posts

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Ok…so you’ve written a really great blog post, but how do you encourage people to read your blog, and gain more awesome followers?

Here are some surprisingly easy tried and tested ways of increasing traffic and getting more readers of your posts:

Tweet your posts: Sending your posts out to twitter is  a great way of engaging more readers, and there’s absolutely no harm in tweeting your post a few or more times throughout the course of a day, to get your word out there.

Post to Facebook: Don’t forget your friends and readers on facebook. Include an image on your post and check different times of the day to see when your readers click on your links.

Pinterest: Another fun and very popular social platform, not to forget. Pimp up your post with a funky image and pin, and reach out to other pinners and re-pin any of their pins you find fun or interesting, by doing this, they are likely to return the favor by checking out a few of your pins re-pinning them to their wall, and hence driving readers to your blog.

StumbleUpon: An oldie but a goodie. Install a StumbleUpon toolbar on your browser, and post your posts to StumbleUpon. It’s a great way of reaching readers beyond regular means, and as the name goes, readers will simply ‘StumbleUpon’ your posts.

Google+ : Google+ has become a very powerful and popular social media sharing platform. Let people in your circles know about your posts, and even ask for feedback if you wish, and create a circle of your own, invite your friends and followers to it and let others know about your circle – send out tweets to twitter and let your friends on facebook know about your circle…get the word out there!

Email: Email newsletters to your readers. Let your readers know once a week or once a month whats going on with your blog, -a perfect opportunity to promote specific content.

Invite guest posts: Inviting readers to guest post on your blog works wonders for both you and the guest writer, it draws followers of the guest writer to your blog, that might not have heard of your blog, and readers of your blog to the guest writer’s blog. And reach out to other bloggers and guest post on their blog too.

Create a free download to share with your readers: Gather a collection of your favorite posts, and put together an e-book for your readers to download and share with others. – Everyone loves a freebie!

Write content that solves issues: Just like this article is solving the issue of traffic flow, write an article to help solve a problem. Teaching people how to do things is a good way of creating more readers, and if they like the post, they are more thank likely going to want to share it with their readers!

Have a catchy headline: I can not express enough how important a headline is to the reader, after all, it’s usually what grabs the reader’s attention in the first place. Be daring and be original, look at the titles of other similar posts, to get a few ideas if you are stuck.

Feature another blogger: Interview your favorite’s great exposure for the both of you, and they will be honored that you are featuring them in your blog!  – a win, win!!

– They are just a few..Have you got any ideas you could add?

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7 Effortless Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog | Social Media Examiner


Stuck with ideas for your blog? Not sure what to write about? – This great post by Andrew K Kirk via The Social Media Examiner should help you out.

Blogging can sometimes be a struggle, and constantly coming up with fresh engaging content that your readers will love is not always easy.

This post takes a look at 7 very easy and effortless ways, which you may not have heard of, to get you back on track, and give you back your blogging mojo!

7 Effortless Ways to Find New Ideas for Your Blog | Social Media Examiner.

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Introducing the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013!!

Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013

Forbes has just released their list of Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013. This really cool infographic shows the stats and figures of the top influencers. My sincere congratulations goes out to all of you that made it to the list!! Awesome work…and a special thank you to Steven Sefton ( for the great infographic 🙂


– Pretty inspiring stuff hey, Think you will make it to the list next year?? 🙂

Infographics Rule! + 27 Interesting and Funny Infographics

Us humans are visual creatures and most of us process information based upon what we see. According to the Social Science Network, 65 percent of us are visual learners.

Social media makes it fun to share what we see and learn on the internet, and most of us enjoy sharing things we find fun or interesting with our friends or followers on our  favorite social networks. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, etc…)

I personally enjoy sharing info graphics myself, because they add content to your website and also are a great attention grabber!

So I just wanted to share with you this article that I found a bit of fun and interesting by Splashnology – 27 Interesting And Funny Infographics  –

What do you think of infographics, do you find them fun – or just annoying and a waste of space? I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

Building Genuine Relationships online..Just How Do You Do it?


If you are just starting out in the social media game, or if you already use social media for your personal use or business, you most likely have realized just how hard it can be to stand out of the crowd, getting  people to follow your posts and establishing a genuine relationship with people through social media. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but as long as you are passionate about your posts and what you do, it really isn’t that hard.

Here are a few tips to help you stand out, building genuine relationships with social media 

Be Genuine – Let people know that you’re real. Complete your “about me page”, connect with people by commenting on their blogs, giving them your thoughts and feedback. Connect with people any which way you can through social media…and get your voice out there!

Talk!  – Engage with your readers by asking questions, and always, always, always (did I repeat that enough!) being thankful and replying to their comments, no matter what the comment may be.

Spread the word – We all want our voices heard, and the best way to do that is to read and re-post any posts that you find interesting or fun…and the more you do it, the more people will return the favor!

Inspire – Spread some inspiration with a famous quote, read up what’s fresh and new in social media and create awareness of what’s new and trending. Enter competitions, and give yourself a pat on the back by showing off your certificates or awards on your website.

Love what you do! – If your heart’s just not in it, don’t do it! – It will show clear as day in your posts,  just how much you love what you do. Words can be powerful, so be careful of your tone in your posts…you don’t want to sound like a know-it-all, when you have no proof to back up that you do, – ie no blog awards or certification to say that you’re a seasoned blogger. Also be careful not to sound drab and boring like that school teacher you had that just used to just go on, and on, and on about a subject…eventually having you tune out and falling asleep at your desk! Be fun – post some jokes here and there if you have to, and add some humor to your posts, letting your funny side shine through…have fun with your posts!

….Overall, Be a Friend! – Reach out to people, conversing with them when you can, and sticking with them. I’ve had some really great twitter friends/followers that have stuck with me ever since I joined twitter a few years ago, and it’s those loyal friends and followers that can really make a difference, and inspire you to stick with it!


Now it’s your turn…What do you think, do you agree…I would love to hear from you! 🙂