Easy Peasy CopyWriting Tips for Absolute Beginners…

Successful copywriting is being able to connect with your readers quickly, easily and profitably. It is a skill that a lot of people are harnessing to get their message across to their readers, in a clear concise way, to prompt your readers’ thoughts, feelings or actions.

Being a successful copywriter means you will be:

Better understood,

Easier to understand,

More influential,

A great leader

I have put together a list of copywriting tips so YOU too, can improve your writing, and get more results –

Listen to your audience, and understand their needs. Know exactly what it is that can help them improve on.

Write as if you are writing to just one person, and imagine that you are talking to them face to face. Get on their level.

Your headline is super important. 80% of your audience won’t read any further than your headline, so make it catchy.

Your personal story is important. It helps people to understand exactly who you are, giving them confidence in you and your brand.

Connect with your readers, and include them in your sales copy by utilizing the word, “YOU” as much as possible.

Make sure your copy reads and flows seamlessly. Each paragraph should flow easily and connect with the previous paragraph.

Be clear and concise about your message, don’t assume your readers’ know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes you need to spell it out for them.

Maintain a consistent tone throughout your copy. Your readers should be able to connect with your copy as a real person.

Make it easy for them. Use simple words, simple sentences and simple paragraphs. Don’t try and impress by using big words. Write your copy so even a 12 year-old could read it.

Using simple two or three word paragraphs is not uncommon in good copywriting.

You only need to write what you need to, to get your story across. Don’t get hung up on word count.

Write to persuade by using short, punchy, as you speak kind of language. Get yourself a copy of a dictionary of slang to help you.

Your very first sentence is crucial. It must always catch your readers’ attention and get them to keep reading.

Your final sentence is just as crucial as your first, it must also compel your reader’s to buy or act.

Write as if you’re having a conversation with someone sitting right next to you.

Tap in to your readers’ emotional buttons. Zone in on your readers’ fear of missing something BIG!

You need to be clear on what EXACTLY you want your readers’ to do. Never assume the reader knows what to do. Tell your readers’ exactly what they need to do, every step of the way, by using words like ‘click here for instant access.’

Play on your guarantee. Your guarantee is quite often your last ‘life line’ – s0 play on it to get your readers’ to act on your word.

If you can, sprinkle testimonials throughout your copy, rather than having all your testimonials together. Although when you get to the stage of having quite a lot of testimonials, you can add a testimonial page to your sales copy.

Write with authority. You want your readers’ to know it has been written by an expert, so write as if you are.

Create a sense of urgency to take action. Give a reason why your readers’ need to act right away.

Anticipate your readers’ questions, and answer them in your copy. Write as if you are face to face with your reader and he/she has questioned you on one of your points.

Use bullet points to hone in on benefits. Bullets are a great way of grabbing attention. Use them under your headline, when describing your offer or product, and in your P.S. (usually at the bottom of the page.)

Every bullet point must have a benefit.

Save a really great benefit as a closer. In your closing, introducing another terrific benefit is a good technique.

Your main benefit should be in your headline. There’s no harm in repeating it a few times throughout your copy.

Let your readers’ know why they should buy from you. Remind them just why they should trust you and make a purchase.

“Dedicated to kicking your butt into action, until you succeed!”

With a big squishy hug!

“MrsCheeky” Katrina White. 🙂

P.S. You are selling a great opportunity or product, and your aim should be to stand out from the crowd with your sales copy. Good or bad copywriting will show with the results. Learn from people with successful copy. Take a look at their work, and how they get their message out.

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