Inbound Marketing: 50 Awesome Content Ideas

Inbound Marketing: 50 Awesome Content Ideas. [click to go to the website]

Racking your brain with writer’s block and not sure what to blog about, or perhaps just looking for some ideas for your next blog post? – This post by Meg Hoppe should help!

As you most likely know, in order to stay on top of the game in your social media marketing strategy, all your posts must always be kept up-to-date and relevant, – but where does all the awesome content come from to make your blogs shine?

This list of 50 Awesome Content Ideas gives you some really great tips, from offering a downloadable pdf version of your blog, to recording your company’s participation in a community event. – It’s a top idea to bookmark this site, as it has loads of other awesome posts, too! 🙂

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How I got over 80,000 clicks to one blog post

How I got over 80,000 clicks to one blog post. [A really great post!!]

This post by Lilac Bullock gives you some really awesome tips on how to gain more traffic to your website, and if you’re anything like me and am looking for ways to grow your audience, she walks you through 5 very simple steps, from creating a bespoke Twitter theme for your twitter profile, to some really simple ways of increasing your Twitter followers, that you may not be doing already.

Lilac Bullock, founder of Socialable Ltd –  is yet another inspiring social media influencer,  and she is the co-author of “Images That Influence” (- Number One in its category on Amazon).

I, myself being new to blogging and social media marketing am always looking for new ways to gain more followers and better my blog posts, I would really love to hear from you and find out what your tips are to gaining a larger audience. – I really appreciate all comments and feedback!  xo


Over to you….What are your tips to gaining a larger audience and getting more clicks on your blog posts?

3 Easy Steps to Engaging Your Customers | Social Media Examiner

3 Easy Steps to Engaging Your Customers | Social Media Examiner.

Click on the highlighted text above to take you to another great post via the Social Media Examiner.

This post by Patricia Redsicker gives you some really great tips you may not have already implemented into your marketing strategy, from author Gail Goodman, and her book, Engagement Marketing

She teaches you these three steps:

#1 Deliver a WOW! Experience

#2 Entice Customers to Keep in Touch

#3 Engage People

Gail’s book is a handy, and practical approach to engage customers by social media. She offer’s budget-friendly tips and advice, I think her book is a great read and I recommend the book because it gives achievable and important strategies for using social media to attract referral and repeat business.


Over to you..wishing you all the success in the world, and happy social media marketing!  

Katrina. (@mrs_cheeky)  🙂

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share | Social Media Examiner

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share | Social Media Examiner.

Click on the highlighted text to send you to the Social Media Examiner website – One of the best online learning tools for social media.

This post gives you some really helpful Pinterest tips, and will teach you how a great image can increase traffic, get you more pins and repins and improve your presence on Pinterest.

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Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools For Daily Use |

Top Ten Favorite Social Media Tools For Daily Use |

With so many online social media tools out there,  and for social marketing newbies it’s hard to know which tools are suitable for you…here’s a list of the Top 10 fav’s, written by Mari Smith, which I found quite helpful. 🙂

Quick Twitter Tips – Your Handy #HowTo Guide

As you probably have realized by now, I have a huge heart for twitter! I just love it for so many reasons, mostly that it brings people and businesses together, and is a really awesome platform for sharing ideas, and inspiring others.

Here’s a fun info-graphic to get you started….enjoy! 🙂

Magic is Believing…..

Have you ever stopped to think just how powerful your thoughts really are?  Our thoughts really can create magic, and it’s true!  It all starts with a vision or dream, and as long as we hold on to that dream, believe in ourselves and keep taking daily steps to follow our dreams, they really can come true.  I have come to believe this myself as I have always had a dream of having an online home business, and have tried many different things, always to end up failing, and after failing so many times you begin to wonder what you’re doing wrong, and all I had to really do was change my way of thought and believe. So now I embrace challenges just like little hurdles, am holding on to my dreams and I am really starting to see some magic’s amazing just how far you can get when you follow your dreams 🙂

So I have put together a list of tips that I believe can help to make anyone successful in seeing the magic of dreams come true…

Cheeky’s Tips for Success

    1. Write down your goals
    2. Put a time limit on your goals – i.e when you want to accomplish them by
    3. Review your goals daily
    4. Update your goals monthly
    5. Post your goals in a place where you will read them frequently – i.e the fridge, pin board, white board, wall…anywhere!!
    6. Meditate and reflect upon your goals daily
    7. Read something related to your field of interest everyday
    8. Talk to like minded people
    9. Limit the time you spend with negative people
    10. Exercise at least 3 times a week – it helps you to focus and helps you to feel amazing too!
    11. Be positive and keep a positive attitude
    12. Seek advice in areas you may need help
    13. Connect with others using Social Media, – i.e Twitter, FaceBook, WordPress, etc..
    14. Start a blog and give away your expertise
    15. Manage your time effectively and limit your tv time
    16. Get inspired and read some stories of personal development
    17. Sign up to Pinterest (if you haven’t already) and get posting!
    18. Embrace challenges rather than being fearful of them
    19. Laugh at yourself
    20. Smile!!!   – it looks amazing on you, and makes you feel great too! 🙂

Follow those simple steps, and before you know it, you will start to see the magic of your dreams turning into reality!