Twitter Tips – How often Should You Tweet?

With so many awesome people out there sharing loads of really useful information, it’s easy to get carried away retweeting, and spreading the word. Don’t get me wrong though, I think re-tweeting on twitter is awesome and is a really great way of getting your word out there, it’s kinda like chinese whispers via the internet!

But my question to you is this – how often do you think is ok to tweet, or re-tweet? The thing is,  you don’t want to be bombarding all your followers with so many tweets that your message just ends up getting lost amongst the hundreds of other tweets out there, and not being read. What’s your twitter game plan, if you have one? How often do you post messages yourself? I wanted to raise this question, since I am gaining more and more awesome followers every day, and find twitter a really amazing social media platform to learn from, with so many people tweeting some really useful information, and have been getting concerned that I may be getting a tad carried away posting or re-tweeting as often as I have been.

What are your thoughts? What do you think is the appropriate amount of time per day to spend on twitter? How often do you think is ok to tweet, or re-tweet? Your comments would be greatly appreciated… 🙂


Quick Twitter Tips – Your Handy #HowTo Guide

As you probably have realized by now, I have a huge heart for twitter! I just love it for so many reasons, mostly that it brings people and businesses together, and is a really awesome platform for sharing ideas, and inspiring others.

Here’s a fun info-graphic to get you started….enjoy! 🙂